Controversy over Lil Nas X Satan Shoes increases demand


The Lil Nas X Satan Shoe is said to contain a drop of human blood.

The rapper Lil Nas X has released his Satan Nike shoes. These shoes are unlike no other as he and other people claim that the shoes contain human blood. The Satan shoes triggered a huge controversy, causing much hateful backlash aimed at Lil Nas X.

The shoes contain a bronze pentagram, an inverted cross, and a drop of real human blood. The bottom of the shoe was made using Nike AirMAx 97s. However, given the harsh publicity, Nike is making every effort to distance itself from Lil Nas and the design.

Nike placed the blame on MSCHF, a Brooklyn-based art and design studio behind the Lil Nas X Satan shoe, claiming the alterations and sales were unauthorized by Nike. Nike even sued MSCHF with the case being settled out of court. Nike issued a statement stating, “Nike did not design or release these shoes and we do not endorse them,” and is offering a full refund to those wishing one.

Despite the lack of support from Nike, CNN reports that “MSCHF confirmed the limited edition drop 666 were sold out in less than a minute,” proving that Lil Nas X has some loyal fans who do not find the shoes particularly offensive. “We love to sacrifice for our art,”  a MSCHF spokesperson stated, according to CNN.

Some people have expressed doubt as to if the shoes really contain a drop of human blood, believing it is just part of the marketing campaign. However. MSCHF shuts down those doubtful rumors claiming that the human blood is not only real but from some of the artists within the company. 

The news of the release of the shoes sparked both a broadcast and social media debate with many religious groups not hiding their thoughts and feeling on the gay “Old Town Road” rapper’s shoe with the hatred for Lil Nas X growing exponentially. 

Lil Nas was blamed for the creation of the shoe and had to deal with cyberattacks, critics, and many unhappy fans. The MSCHF company is known for its irrelevant drops and released many products similar to Lil Nas’s Satan Shoes, having released a similar shoe branded the “Jesus Shoe,” said to contain holy water in 2019.

Just how the reaction to the Satan shoe will impact Lil Nas X’s career remains to be seen, but his loyal fans, who understand his sometimes irreverent sarcasm, do not seem to be abandoning him just yet.

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