Restaurant Review: new Casa Tequila offers a refreshing Mexican alternative

   Boca Raton is experiencing a chain restaurant take over, with more and more chain franchises popping up casting giant shadows over the numerous independent eateries around town. Casa Tequila is a hidden gem that can overthrow the Chipotle monarchy with its excellent atmosphere, service and food.

   Located on the south side of Glades and west of Boca Rio, it now holds the spot formerly inhabited by Campagnolo. Casa Tequila is here to stay with an unforgettable dining experience that separates itself from other Mexican restaurants in Boca.      

   Atmosphere: Casa Tequila has a surprisingly authentic feel from the moment the diner walks in. From the beautiful artwork displaying Spanish culture to the music playing in the background, Casa Tequila feels like a true Mexican establishment. The artwork on the walls and the furnishings augment the feeling of being at a five star dining experience. Casa Tequila spares no expense on creating the most accurate, good looking, and enjoyable Mexican atmosphere.

   Service: Service is one of the most important aspects of a restaurant. Luckily for the customers of Casa Tequila, the service is outstanding. The sociable servers add to the great atmosphere as they are always around and offering welcoming conversation, more like friends than waiters.

   The staff was very attentive, and it took only 15 minutes after placing our order to receive sizzling hot, fresh cooked food. The staff conveyed a sense of a family with one another, as well as with the customers. The only issue that slightly impedes the ordering process is the heavy Spanish accents of the servers. Although it really added to the legitimate Spanish feel, the accents made it sometimes hard to understand what they were asking. However, this slight issue was not enough to prevent great service and a great time.

   Food: Mexican restaurants are scarce in Boca Raton, apart from the chain restaurants such as Chipotle and Tijuana Flats. Casa Tequila offers amazing, fresh, and undeniably Mexican food that could have chain restaurants running scared. The wait for the food was next to nothing and came out burning hot with great tasting, fresh ingredients. I ordered the Fajitas Trio; cooked shrimp, chicken, and steak were brought to me on a scorching skillet. The aroma was enough to make my stomach growl and my mouth water. On a separate plate were my sides and corn tortillas. The customer is left to create his or her own delicious fajita, adding whatever ingredients are desired. The food was great, and had me eating until my stomach was about to burst.

   Verdict: Casa Tequila is a fantastic restaurant. The atmosphere was unforgettable, and authentic. The service was exceptional. The food was marvelous and definitely made a lasting impression that will have customers returning for more. Over all, this restaurant was surprisingly good for its recent opening just a few weeks ago and should have no issue establish a regular customer base, keeping up with competitors.