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The award-winning student news site of Olympic Heights High School

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The award-winning student news site of Olympic Heights High School

The Torch

Mean Girls: A New Interpretation of The Modern Classic

Mean Girls: A New Interpretation of The Modern Classic

Isabella Conrado, Staff Writer April 3, 2024

On January 12, 2024, Mean Girls, The Musical was released in theaters, presenting an old film with a new twist. As of today, Mean Girls surpassed $100 million at the global box office.  Featuring...

The Best Rom-com in Decades: Anyone But You

The Best Rom-com in Decades: Anyone But You

Madison LeMaster, Editor-in-Chief March 11, 2024

Enemies to lovers, a nostalgic rom-com, and a romance that is to die for, all delicately wrapped into the perfect present – everything a 2000's teen girl could hope for.  Anyone But You, inspired...

Barbie: The Movie of the Summer

Barbie: The Movie of the Summer

Amanda DiTomasso, Staff Writer September 5, 2023

Stepping into the world of wonders and imagination, Barbie was brought to life this summer as it shocked the world through the film's cast, plot, and drama. This movie made history with $1 billion at the...

Spiteful Snow White

Fia Dorris, Social Media Editor September 5, 2023

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Disney’s more recent live action adaptations, specifically those of the princesses, most notably being the live action Little Mermaid. However, as...

Robert Pattinson is The Batman in the stunning Matt Reeves directed film.

The Batman is the best of the Caped Crusader films

Nicholas Tramazzo, Entertainment Editor April 1, 2022

The Batman is what some might consider to be a “work of art.” Almost every aspect of the film is perfect, and the movie most definitely compensates for its extensive runtime.  Olympic Heights senior...

Ghostface is back in the 2022 Scream requel of the 1996 original.

2022’s Scream “requel” closely mirrors the 1996 original

Nicholas Tramazzo, Entertainment Editor February 4, 2022

As of late, many horror franchises have released or announced “requels”: a sequel to the original film that ignores all of the previous sequels. The latest of that bunch is the release of Scream, a...

In Spiderman: No Way Home, viewers are treated to the three incarnations of Spiderman (from left): Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland.

Spiderman: No Way Home the best Marvel film to date

Nicholas Tramazzo, Entertainment Editor December 31, 2021

Spider-Man: No Way Home has fans swinging out of their seats, screaming and crying, and leaving even more excited than they were when the film’s first trailer was dropped. Fans agree that there may be...

Archie Yates plays Max Mercer in Disneys disappointing Home Sweet Home Alone, the latest entry in the Home Alone series.

Looking for a new Christmas movie? Home Sweet Home Alone is not it, doing a great disservice to the original

Eva Woods, Staff Writer December 24, 2021

Home Alone is one of the most well-known and best-loved Christmas movies; therefore, when Disney decided to produce Home Sweet Home Alone, directed by Dan Mazer, people were skeptical about whether or...

The $165 million dollar Dune has been met with mixed reviews.

Latest Dune film, despite stunning visuals, becomes tedious

Brooke Smurlick, Staff Writer December 2, 2021

The latest film version of Dune was released in October and since then has received mixed reviews. For many lovers of this classic sci-fi adventure based on the 1965 Frank Herbert book, the movie does...

A confusing timeline is just one of the several failings of Marvels Eternals.

Marvel’s flawed Eternals does not live up to the hype

Nicholas Tramazzo, Entertainment Editor November 23, 2021

Eternals is the most recent film in the Marvel franchise to hit the market. It was released on Nov. 5, and has received more negative attention than positive attention. The film brought something new to...

Godzilla vs. Kong offers some great CGI, but not much else

Godzilla vs. Kong offers some great CGI, but not much else

Nicholas Tramazzo, Staff Writer May 6, 2021

The very highly anticipated Godzilla vs. Kong was released in theaters and on HBO Max on March 31. The ultimate showdown between the two ancient rivals was first presented in the 1963 film King Kong vs....

Joaquin Phoenix delivers an Academy Award worthy performance in Joker.

Joaquin Phoenix driven Joker the best of a diverse and entertaining crop of October films

Nicholas Tramazzo, Staff Writer November 7, 2019

The spooky season known as October was filled with scary movies and also some comedies, and if you missed any of them, there is still time to catch them in your local theater or at least be ready to catch...

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