Netflix’s “Jessica Jones” and Amazon Prime’s “The Man in the High Castle” an Excellent Find


Television streaming services have become the norm these days for getting a daily dose of entertainment from the silver screen. Now, one is more likely to see a couple browsing Netflix in the comfort of their own home than it is to see someone browsing the Red Box at a local Publix.

However, movies are taking a back seat, as it appears Netflix and other streaming services are now more popular for some of the best modern television shows. Excellent television shows such as “Jessica Jones” or “The Man in the High Castle” can be found on streaming services relatively quickly and provide enough content to satisfy the viewers for quite a while.

The Netflix produced program “Jessica Jones” is Marvel’s most recent breakout televised success, right after “Daredevil.” It is 13 episodes in length with each running an hour long. Unlike most programs, all episodes of “Jessica Jones” are available, so waiting for a new episode to come out every week is unnecessary.

“Jessica Jones” keeps the audience hooked from the first episode and will probably lead to long hours of being glued to the TV, waiting for the next plot twist or big character-developing story arc to occur. The show takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and follows the antics of the titular character Jessica Jones, played by Krysten Ritter, who is a superhuman P.I. Jones is trying to find someone from her past named Kilgrave, a man who has the power of mind control, played by David Tennant of “Doctor Who” fame.

This show is the best piece of superhero media outside of comic books, with superb writing, complex characters, good action set pieces, fantastic acting and a really great atmosphere that represents the darker side of New York City very well. While there is a clear antagonist, who is most certainly a vile person, the other characters, including the protagonist Jones, aren’t perfect people. They are relatable and have personality flaws and issues without coming off as completely unlikeable.

The main villain of this show is absolutely terrifying. He can influence others through mind control, which isn’t very original, but what he does with those powers is unsettling. The dynamic between he and Jessica Jones is phenomenal. This show deserves every ounce of praise it gets, with a strong emphasis on character relationships and development. It features great plot twists that leave an impact even if they’re a little obvious, and it balances the dark tone with properly placed moments of humor that don’t feel shoe-horned in. It’s a brilliant show and it proves that superheros don’t always have to wear flashy costumes to be engaging.

“The Man in the High Castle” is an Amazon Prime exclusive series that premiered back in January and finished its first season in late November. Season two has not been officially confirmed, but with all the positive feedback from fans, it is likely that this show will be renewed for a second season.

Based on the novel of the same name by Phillip K. Dick, “The Man in the High Castle” takes place in an alternate 1962 in which the Allied Powers lost the Second World War and now the rest of the world (except Canada) is under the control of the Axis Powers, mostly Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan.

The setting is in a different version of the United States that is divided between Japan and Germany, with a little buffer zone called the Rocky Mountain States, basically a lawless region. It mostly focuses on how everyday people deal with the oppressive thumb of fascism that is constantly being pressed on them, and there is an overarching plot that involves a Cold War type of scenario between Germany and Japan. There is a plotline that involves a secret rebellion in the occupied United States.

It is a fairly dense show, but it handles the many plotlines and characters surprisingly well, and it is fairly consistent in quality throughout every episode. Just like “Jessica Jones,” “The Man in the High Castle” is faithful to the source material in terms of tone, setting, and atmosphere, with a few liberties being taken. The characters are handled well, being multi-dimensional in every way, shape, and form.

The most interesting part of this show is, of course, this alternate history scenario of an Axis victory. It shows how society in general has changed in this setting, such as the Japanese showing great interest in pre-war Americana, and the blending of North American culture with European and Asian culture. It’s also quite disturbing, with ethnic cleansing on the Nazi side becoming way worse over time and the brutal treatment of civilians on both sides. It is definitely worth a watch just for how the scenario is handled, but it is pretty intense.

Excellent works of modern television are readily available through different streaming programs like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Every genre, from science fiction to political dramas, is ripe for the picking and easily accessible through the push of a button or two. Free trials are available for first timers, so opinions can be made after the trial is complete.

Streaming is also a fine way to catch up on the classics from yesteryear, and it’s exceptional for dabbling in newer releases. It should be obvious at this point that video steaming services are the way to go for enjoying television and movies, and is pretty much the future of entertainment.