Powerball Lunacy


Just last month, the Powerball lottery game made history when it broke records to become the largest jackpot the world has ever seen. On Thursday, Jan. 7, the jackpot climbed to nearly $675 million, exceeding the previous record of $656 million. The record-high payout drew millions to their local convenience stores as they looked to take part in this historic drawing, and also to win big against the growing odds.

Prior to the drawing on Saturday, Jan. 9, the jackpot soared to approximately $900 million, and when no winner was drawn that night, the Powerball passed one billion dollars for the first time ever. People around the country scrambled once again to buy their tickets before the next drawing on Wednesday, Jan. 13, in which the jackpot estimated about $1.58 billion.

The odds of winning were 1 in 292.2 million, dropping from 1 in 175 million after changes made in Oct. of 2015 made it even harder to win. The goal of this change was to allow the jackpot to mount higher and higher the longer it took to select a winner. But, on Jan. 13, three lucky winners saw their lives forever changed, as they beat the ever-increasing odds.

A couple from Munford, Tenn. was the first to step forward and claim their unprecedented prize, totaling $528.8 billion before taxes. In Melbourne Beach, Fla., another winning ticket was purchased by a military widow at her local Publix. The last lucky winner has yet to claim his prize, but the winning ticket was purchased in Chino Hills, Cal.

Additionally, 81 ticketholders across the country picked five correct numbers to earn a healthy $1 million. In Florida alone, eleven fortunate winners won $1 million, and two winners won $2 million.