2023-24 SGA election results: Jaiden Goldberg to head SGA; Andrew Canter and Gabby Condon named Mr. and Ms. OH


Olympic Heights 2023-24 SGA Executive Board President Jaiden Goldberg in one of the costumes he wore while campaigning for office.

With the 2023-2024 school year at Olympic Heights fast approaching, the Student Government Association (SGA), under the direction of advisor Ms. Chelsea Fink, is already busy and off to a great start.

Elections occurred at the end of April, and the new Olympic Heights leadership positions have now been announced. 

Mr. OH: For the 2023-24 school year, the new Mr. OH is none other than Andrew Canter. One of Canter’s main goals for next year is to improve school spirit. He hopes to incorporate popular trends and improve communication about events to better involve all students. Canter says that he wants to ‘personally bring the energy and spirit everyday to prove that school spirit is cool, not something to shy away from.”

Ms. OH: Gabby Condon is equally prepared to step into her new role of Ms. OH. She is ready to put effort in to increase participation in spirit weeks. Condon wants to push for a “new sense of fun and spirit at pep rallies,” adding, “I will also take students’ personal opinions into consideration when planning for spirit weeks and activities.” 

Executive Board President: After serving as SGA executive board vice-president this school year, Jaiden Goldberg is fully prepared to take over as executive board president. He had one of the most notable campaigns this year, explaining, “I [tried] to appeal to the majority of the school through funny flyers, posters, and dressing up in costumes.” Clearly all of his hard work campaigning paid off, as he was elected for the highest position on the OH SGA Board.

Executive Board Vice President: Sophomore Bayla Hirsh has been a member of OH SGA for two years and next year she will be the new executive board vice president. She has many goals for next year regarding school spirit. “I will make sure we have many more morale-boosting activities, like a real tailgate before the Homecoming game,” Hirsch explains. Having observed and learned from the former vice presidents for the past two years, Hirsch feels ready to take on her new position. 

Executive Secretary: Sophomore Izzy Levine has been elected executive secretary for the coming school year. She is very proud of her passion for SGA and knows that both her passion and experience has prepared her for this position. Like most members of SGA, her focus is on increasing OH school spirit. She believes that one of the ways to do this will be by promoting spirit weeks farther in advance. “This will hopefully allow students to take their time planning outfits,” Levine comments.

Executive Board Treasurer: Freshman Dylan Goldberg has been elected as executive board treasurer. He is currently serving on the freshman class board as treasurer, which has prepared him for his next position. His biggest goal for next year is to “generate the largest revenue possible for the school so that activities and events can go on.” He hopes to make the most of the money that is available to SGA.