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  • Girls Soccer Coach Jim Cappello is coach of the year, leading the lions to 21 victories, and their eighth straight regional appearance.
  • Soccer: Senior Ava Cardaci was selected 7A District 12 Player of the Year with 15 goals and 27 assists.
  • OH boys soccer advance to regional tournament as they enter as the sixth seed and will travel to #2 Jupiter
  • he girls soccer team have earned a place in the 7A – 3 Tornado regional tournament as the number seven seed on February 13
  • Department of the Month: Guidance Department; Support Staff of the Month: School Safety Personnel
  • November Students of the Month: freshman Liam Magnussen; sophomore Jacob Sheriden; junior Nathan Adamets; senior Ezra Wade
The award-winning student news site of Olympic Heights High School

The Torch

The award-winning student news site of Olympic Heights High School

The Torch

Spiteful Snow White

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Disney’s more recent live action adaptations, specifically those of the princesses, most notably being the live action Little Mermaid. However, as press has begun for the up and coming Snow White adaptation, fans find themselves at a wall with Rachel Zegler, the actress for Snow White.


While some are in major support for her seemingly “hot” takes, many fans are upset and even offended by how she speaks of the movie and the original princess. Zegler herself has made some bold comments about the plot of the original movie and how the new film is a lot more lacking in romance and more focused on the independence of the princess herself. While many fans do not inherently have a problem with a more independent lead role for their princesses, as was shown for the live action Aladdin, Zegler seems to be taking this point to a whole new level.


Zegler says in an interview, “The original cartoon came out in 1937, and very evidently so. There is a focus on her love story, with a guy who literally stalks her.” Many fans were offended by this comment but became more upset when Zegler mentioned that the prince may be cut out of the movie entirely. 


Fans seem to be at a divide. While some support Zegler and this boulder adaptation as an era of feminism, many believe it actually takes a step back, showing younger audiences that romance plots are outdated and negative towards young girls. The film seems to be walking a fine line between preformative and toxic action.


Another concern fans have is the overall quality with the film and Zegler’s acting. Zegler has mentioned multiple times how she never even watched the original Snow White and frankly has no interest in the princess. “[Zegler] just seems self centered,” senior Alexsandra Trevino says. Others believe she doesn’t owe viewers anything by watching the original film. Some even clap back by saying how much she does enjoy the princess, evidenced by photos she’s taken for the press tour.


Zegler has now come out with a formal apology, saying she never meant to degrade the princess or ruin the childhood magic for fans. Many fans have come to her support, saying the hate she received  was unnecessary and purposefully targeted to her no matter her stance on the movie. In fact, many relate the hateful reaction as to the same hate that The Little Mermaid star, Haile Bailey, received. They express no one will ever be truly happy with any of these actresses. 


Zegler has also received hate after her comment on being paid while participating in a SAG strike. However, more fans have come to her defense saying she was only asking what every other writer and actor on the pickett line has been asking for.


Overall, there seems to be tension surrounding the movie and the actress herself. Fans may not settle until the actual release of the movie, next year. Until then, Zegler continues to be in hot water. Both her comments on the strike and the movie itself will most likely continue to be stalked and analyzed.

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