Delivery Man doesn’t really deliver anything

Delivery Man tells the story David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn, The Internship), a meat-truck driver who is obviously down on his luck. With huge debt,  a poor-paying job, and a girlfriend who does not want to be with him, this saddened man has accepted that this is his life and there’s no changing it. However, when David finds out his girlfriend Emma (Cobie Smulders, Safe Haven) is pregnant with his child, he wants nothing more than to be a father and raise a child with her.

Little does David know that through a shortage at a sperm bank where he makes repeated donations, he is actually the biological father of 533 children, 142 of whom wish to discover their father’s identity.  After discovering this information, he sets it as his goal in life to be a “guardian angel” for these children and help them through random acts of kindness.

In the beginning of the movie, the viewers do not sympathize with David at all, nor is there any way that they possibly could. Taking into account that he is the protagonist, the audience should find some likeable qualities in him from the start and not have to wait until the end of the film to wish him well.

David is an extremely dynamic character in this film; however, the audience is unable to physically witness the transition. There is no revelation, intervention, or anything of the sort to cause him to make a change in his way of life. His alterations just suddenly occur, and it causes confusion among the audience and hinders the overall direction of the story.

The exposition of the movie is very slow paced. There are obvious jokes placed simply to get a few laughs, but so unnecessary to the plot that the audience is more confused than amused. Throughout the film, the pace does quicken, causing the movie to suddenly become more captivating.

It is consistently referenced throughout the film that David is in some form of a financial crisis. Unfortunately, it appears very hidden as to why there are loan sharks hunting him down for a very large sum of money. It is even unclear of whose these people demanding money are until right before the film’s climactic scene.

The trailers for this movie portray Delivery Man as if it was a very light-hearted non-stop comedy. Although there were occasional funny moments, this film barely deserves to be considered a member of the comedy genre. Instead, it should be promoted as a light drama.

Delivery Man deals with substance abuse, mental disabilities, and allows people to receive an inside look at what lies ahead in the real world. This film seems as though it would be a major farce, considering the main character is supposedly the biological father of 533 children. But this movie shows the realness of debt, the roads some people go down to pay off their bills, how difficult it is to deal with children, and the many challenges a parent has to face starting at the day of conception.

Although it contradicts the comedic perspective viewers were expecting, this aspect of the film was very appealing. As David met a new child every once in a while, the audience was permitted to meet and become emotionally involved with these characters, just as David did the same. It gave the movie depth and kept the plot line engaging.

Vince Vaughn appears as if he is simply playing the role with a comedic mind set. The emotional commitment to this role peeked on occasions, but did not over power the sardonic tone he held in most of the serious scenes. He tried too many times to make a situation humorous instead of just allowing the solemnness and realness of the scene shine through his acting. However, Vince Vaughn is a comedic actor and this is one of his first films where is asked to play such a complex and emotionally dynamic character.

Aside from some distracting loose ends and some confusing alterations in the story line, Delivery Man was a nice movie with an interesting concept and many heart-warming moments. This movie gives people another outlook on the complexities of parenting and how it can alter ones life completely, whether it’s one child or 533. Those who are looking to kill the boredom of an uneventful weekend, Delivery Man is definitely a film to consider.