Gun Lobby, NRA, and Bought Legislators Have Blood on Their Hands


This year alone, there have been 355 mass shootings in the United States. That is an average of almost one mass shooting per day. That is also outrageously unacceptable.

But yet, Americans are seemingly being forced to accept it by a National Rifle Association (NRA)/gun manufacturers’ lobby controlled Congress that refuses to even consider compromise on even the seemingly most sensible of measures that can be taken to reduce the number of such shootings in the U.S.

With its power grip on Congress, the NRA and gun manufacturers’ lobby is single handedly preventing any change in gun control. Congresspersons who rely on large campaign contributions from the gun manufacturers’ lobby and support from the NRA resulting in their refusal to compromise on sensible gun control measures have the blood of the victims of our seemingly daily mass shootings on their hands. As do the gun manufacturers who put profits ahead of lives and the NRA, the apparent public relations arm of the gun manufacturers.

With every senseless mass shooting, the NRA instills the fear in citizens that the government wants to take their guns away, which in turn, only increases immediate gun sales. In 2005, the gun lobby and NRA successfully got Congress to pass legislation that gives immunity to gun manufacturers and distributors from lawsuits by victims (or their families) of shootings.

The NRA is also very fond of standing behind their interpretation of the Second Amendment, taking it out of context. When ratified in 1791, the Second Amendment’s intent was to secure “to the people a right to use and possess arms in conjunction with service in a well-regulated militia.” We believe the amendment has more to do with a militia than the average citizen. Also, it is an amendment and was not chiseled in stone by Moses on Mount Sinai as the NRA would like us to believe. Amendments can change, especially amendments that are 224 years old and are no longer applicable to current society.

And no organization or government official is looking to ban all guns as the NRA would also have us believe. Those seeking additional gun controls are only looking for a little common sense. Let’s focus on three points on which we believe reasonable people can agree.

First, anyone on a terrorist watch list or no-fly list should be able to legally purchase a firearm. But they can. Why? Because of the gun lobby and NRA.

Second, a strict background check for gun purchases and the closing of the gun show loophole should be instituted. But 40 percent of guns are sold without a proper background check. Why? Because of the gun lobby and the NRA.

Third, civilians should not be allowed to purchase military style assault weapons. They serve no purpose other than to kill numerous amounts of people in quick fashion. Yet, it is legal to buy a military style assault weapon. Why? Because of the gun lobby and NRA.

Congress has even gone so far as to prohibit the Center for Disease Control from doing research on gun violence. Why? Because of the gun lobby and the NRA.

According to a recent New York Daily News poll, 80 percent of Americans support tougher gun legislation. However, more stringent laws are unlikely to happen in the current Congress with a majority of its members bought and paid for by the gun lobby and the NRA. More shootings are likely to occur before the end of 2015; 355 shootings can quickly become 375 or more.

How is this possible in what we like to call a civilized society? Because of the greed of the gun manufacturers’ lobby and the NRA which continues to value profit over American lives.