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OH Drama’s Ashton Bianchi Is Now a Published Playwright

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OH Drama’s Ashton Bianchi Is Now a Published Playwright

Olympic Heights junior Ashton Bianchi with his two published plays.

Olympic Heights junior Ashton Bianchi with his two published plays.

Olympic Heights junior Ashton Bianchi with his two published plays.

Olympic Heights junior Ashton Bianchi with his two published plays.

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Those who have attended any theatre productions at Olympic Heights, surely have seen the incredible work of Olympic Heights junior Ashton Bianchi. Ashton has starred in several OH drama performances going back to his freshman year.

Some of Bianchi’s his most memorable roles include: Rod in Avenue Q, Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire, Henry in Next to Normal, and he will be portraying Sir Evelyn Oakleigh in Anything Goes this spring’s production.

Not only has Bianchi proved to be a star onstage, but he is now making his debut behind the curtain as a published playwright. After being awarded straight superiors for his play King of Canadia at the 2016 Theatre District Festival, and receiving a Critics’ Choice Award for his play This Is Not Home the year following, he decided to showcase his work to the public by publishing his two jaw-dropping plays.

“Emma Greer was my inspiration for King of Canadia, and the movie Short Term 12 influenced my play This Is Not Home,” Bianchi explained when talking about his inspiration and what meaning he hopes to get across in his work.  “However, a majority of what I want to show in my writing is that different people handle things differently. I want the audience to understand other’s emotions and hopefully bring the world closer together.”

Now that Bianchi has published his works for all to see, the Olympic Heights Theatre Department wants to bring his writing to life. Members of Troupe 4992 are currently rehearsing the one act plays King of Canadia and This is Not Home which will both be presented this March.

Bianchi states, “It’s a very interesting experience [seeing my classmates perform my plays] because I get to see how people and actors interpret my works.”  The two plays written by Bianchi are currently casted and are being directed by his friend and theatrical partner Brooke Hall.

Cast members in the upcoming productions are extremely honored to be showcasing Bianchi’s offstage talent for the first time.  Senior Hailey Weiss says, “Ashton is so talented, and I am excited that he is being recognized for his writing because many people see him as only an actor, and he is so much more.”

Bianchi has already accomplished so much as a playwright at such a young age. Will he continue his career as a playwright after high school? Bianchi answers, “One act playwriting is not a very profitable business, but I do enjoy doing it. If the opportunity arose, I would be glad to take it. Regardless, I will continue to pursue the arts.”

Although Bianchi is not sure if he will continue to work as a playwright in the future, what he has accomplished already at 16-years old is remarkable. Those interested in seeing Bianchi’s one-act plays performed by his fellow friends and classmates, should mark their calendars for March 1 or 2. It is a production that should not be missed.

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One Response to “OH Drama’s Ashton Bianchi Is Now a Published Playwright”

  1. Brenda Isakson on February 15th, 2018 8:12 am

    Mr. Bianchi’s creativity is unsurpassed. His whit, charn, humor, and consideration of fellow beings is most notable.

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OH Drama’s Ashton Bianchi Is Now a Published Playwright