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Super Bowl LIII Winners and Losers

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Super Bowl LIII Winners and Losers

Of course, Super Bowl LIII MVP Julian Edelman was a big winner, but how can SpongeBob Squarepants be a loser?

Of course, Super Bowl LIII MVP Julian Edelman was a big winner, but how can SpongeBob Squarepants be a loser?

Of course, Super Bowl LIII MVP Julian Edelman was a big winner, but how can SpongeBob Squarepants be a loser?

Of course, Super Bowl LIII MVP Julian Edelman was a big winner, but how can SpongeBob Squarepants be a loser?

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Super Bowl LIII was absolutely, positively the most boring Super Bowl in a long time, maybe the most boring ever. With a score of three to three heading into halftime and a final score of 10-3, there was nothing exciting at all from the start to the finish. Here we look at winners and losers from Super Bowl LIII:

Winner: Tom Brady
This season has arguably positioned Tom Brady as officially the greatest football player of all time. He has too many rings for one hand. He was already the first quarterback to win five Super Bowls and now he has six, tying the Steelers and his Patriots for most won by a franchise (and he’s only a player) as well. He is part of a select few quarterbacks who have played a snap at the age of 41 and he actually accomplished the ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl at that age. Even though this was probably Brady’s worst Super Bowl performance, he will always be remembered as a winner and many will remember this game as a defining moment in his career as he just won the title at 41 years old.

Loser: Sean McVay
Sean McVay has been hyped up as an offensive guru, but his team managed to score only three points. The Rams were forced to punt nine times, and his offensive line looked terrible. Even CBS color analyst Tony Romo was able to see what was wrong with the line, but no adjustments were made. The Rams managed to gain a total of just 260 yards on offense, in comparison to New England’s 407, scoring only a single field goal. Yes, his quarterback, Jared Goff, looked terrible, but he didn’t play much worse than he usually does on the road. McVay only gave star running back Todd Gurley 10 carries, in which he rushed for 35 yards, and one reception, in which he lost a yard. McVay looked to change what had worked for the Rams the entire season because of Gurley’s feeble knee, but it rendered the Rams’ offense impotent.

Winner: Julian Edelman
Julian Edelman has officially put his name in the Hall of Fame conversation. Named the Super Bowl MVP based on his ten reception, 141-yard performance, many are beginning to discuss Edelman’s validity in Canton. However, this is just recency bias. Edelman is a winner on this list for his performance on Sunday Night, in which it was impossible to check him even with the double teams deployed by Los Angeles. He does not have nearly the accomplishments outside of his three rings to be in the Hall of Fame, but as a seventh-round quarterback turned Super Bowl MVP wide receiver, he has done a great job of putting his name in the Hall of Fame conversation.

 Loser: Jared Goff
The Rams’ former first overall pick has been very underwhelming and has not lived up to expectations. He has been an average quarterback at best and only looks this good due to his offensive weapons, line, and coach. Goff threw for 229 yards and no scores, led his team down the field only twice into field goal range and didn’t have a drive consisting of more than five plays through the first two and a half quarters of play. Goff couldn’t connect on his two attempts to the end zone. His attempt to a wide-open Cooks in the beginning of the fourth was just embarrassing. He lofted the ball high enough to allow defender Jason McCourty to deflect the pass. Yes, his o-line was bad, and his top running back was injured, but Goff was terrible on Sunday, and the Rams may need to take a look at the position if they plan to win a Super Bowl in the near futur
Winner: Red Zone Offense
The offense operated in the Red Zone was amazing in Super Bowl XIII. One hundred percent of the plays executed inside the twenty-yard line resulted in a touchdown. Here’s a recap of the scores: Sony Michel rushes for a two-yard touchdown and… that’s it. Getting to the Red Zone was an issue for both teams as the Patriots score was the only play from that area. Focusing on the positives, though, the Patriots showed their stellar goal line offense. The Rams, however, never got that opportunity.

 Loser: SpongeBob and the Halftime Show
When the creator of the long-lasting children’s cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants passed away last November, a petition was started and increased in popularity to perform a song from an episode in which SpongeBob and his friends performed for a fake Super Bowl halftime. The worst part was that the trailer for the show included SpongeBob, which led many to the conclusion that the undersea cartoon character would play his song. Well, SpongeBob only introduced the underwhelming Travis Scott. Scott was not his best on Sunday, but Maroon 5 and Big Boi we’re not much better. The whole halftime show was a mirror of the boring game.

 Winner: Oregon State Punters
The biggest highlight of the game was the broken record for longest punt in a Super Bowl. Rams’ Johnny Hekker booted one of his nine punts for 65 yards. The previous record had been held by opposing punter Ryan Allen in Super Bowl XLIX for 64 yards. Back in 2008, the two punters from Sunday night, Hekker and the Patriots’ Allen, were in college at Oregon State. Both were fighting for a spot as the starter. In the end Hekker won, leading Allen to transfer to Louisiana Tech University. Both punters went undrafted and signed with the teams they competed for on Sunday. It’s crazy to think that two punters fighting for the starting job at such a small Division 1 football program would be dueling in the Super Bowl.

 Loser: Brandin Cooks
Brandin Cooks actually had a great game overall. He caught eight of his thirteen targets for 120 yards. His biggest flaw from Sunday was his inability to score, just like the rest of his team. The Rams took two total shots to the end zone. Both were to Cooks, and both were dropped. Each pass was a difficult one for Cooks, although he got his hands on both, but it does ultimately fall onto Cooks to catch the ball. The first of the two was a pathetic attempt by Goff making a high-arching throw to Cooks while he was wide open, allowing for a Patriots defender to breakup the pass. Cooks has made the Super Bowl in each of the past two seasons; however, he has been on the losing end during both. For Super Bowl LII, Cooks was a member of the New England squad, but after an injury in the first quarter, he was sidelined for the rest of the game and watched the underdog Philadelphia Eagles take the trophy. This season, Cooks was apart of the abysmal Rams offense that showed up for the big game. Cooks didn’t do much to deserve the “loser” title; instead, he’s just been in the wrong places at the wrong times
Winner Suspensions:
Julian Edelman was suspended for the first four games due to a breach of the NFL’s substance abuse policies. Now he just won the Super Bowl’s highest honor, MVP. Do you know who else achieved this status after a four-game suspension to begin the season? His quarterback Tom Brady after the infamous Deflate Gate. Two of the last three Super Bowl MVPs have been suspended to start the season. Apparently, taking Performance Enhancing Drugs is the way to go now in the NFL. They will improve a player’s performance, as the name explains, and in the worst-case scenario, all that happens is a four-game suspension to start the season. Taking off four games has proven to be quite beneficial, so it may become increasingly popular among players.

Despite how dull this game may have been, the NFL is looking forward to next season. Many are looking to find a team while others are building chemistry. For now, it’s time for the NBA all-star break.

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Super Bowl LIII Winners and Losers