Slain Rapper Nipsey Hussle Was Also a Community Activist


At the time of his murder, Nipsey Hussle, rapper and former gang member, was working with the police department in an effort to stop gang violence.

On March 31, 2019, rapper and activist Nipsey Hussle was murdered outside his clothing store The Marathon Clothing. Along with Hussle, two others were shot, but they survived. Hussle was not only known for his contribution to the hip hop genre; he was also known for his activism in stopping gang violence.

Hussle offered his legacy to the hip hop genre when he was alive. The 33-year old released numerous projects from Crenshaw and Mailbox Money. His latest album, Victory Lap, currently holds ten of the spots on Apple Music’s top 50 hip-hop/rap songs including “Hussle & Motivate” and “Dedication” featuring Kendrick Lamar. Since his death, his music sales have increased by 2,776% in the United States due to people wanting to honor the deceased artist.

Hussle’s “Racks in the Middle” featuring Roddy Ricch and Hit-Boy currently is the second most played Hip-Hop/Rap song on Apple Music. Out of all genres on Apple Music, the track is the third most popular song currently behind only “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X and “bad guy” by Billie Eilish.

Not only was Hussle a great rapper, he was an activist against gang violence in his community. On April 1, the day after he was shot and killed, he was supposed to have had a meeting with the police on how to aid in the fight against gang violence in Los Angeles. Hussle, who was a part of the “Rollin 60s” gang, had his life affected by gang violence.

Many celebrities have offered their condolences towards Hussle and his family.  Popular artist Chance the Rapper called the event “tragic,” and Pharrell Williams commented that Hussle had “inspired millions.” Lebron James, Rihanna, and Meek Mill were among others that responded to the event with complete sadness that a great man was taken from the world. They all commented on the great things that Hussle did in his life.

Drake also honored Hussle by not only posting a photo about the rapper and activist, but he also posted a video to social media of him pouring out champagne onto the ground before his show in London, England. He spoke the words “For Nipsey” in order to honor the late rapper.

Hussle leaves behind his girlfriend, Lauren London, and his two kids. London, however, has brought controversy in the past week with rapper Kodak Black saying he would “be the best man I can be for her.” Many were angry that he would make such comments towards a widow mourning the loss of her significant other.

On a more positive note, Nipsey Hussle leaves behind an unforgettable legacy in the hip-hop industry and as an admirable record as an activist to help his community. Since “legends never die,” his legacy for what he did in all his professions will never be forgotten by the hip-hop industry and the Los Angeles community.