Lil Tecca’s debut mixtape, We Love you Tecca, worth the wait


Lil Tecca is making big noise with his debut mixtape We Love You Tecca

Lil Tecca, 17-year-old rising superstar in hip-hop, released his debut mixtape We Love You Tecca on Aug. 30, and there have been various opinions on the quality of the project. Today, the question is going to be answered: Was Lil Tecca’s We Love You Tecca worth the wait, and does it prove that the New York rapper is here to stay in the hip-hop culture?

Tecca released many singles prior to the debut of the mixtape, so fans already had a hint as to what he had to offer with We Love You Tecca. His hit single “Ransom” or visually represented as “Ran$om” has completely blown up since it was released in May of this year. On the Billboard Hot 100 list, the track peaked at number 5. It currently resides at number 6 and has spent 13 weeks on the charts. “Ransom” also features a music video on Youtube that has garnered over 100 million views. The video was directed by Cole Bennett, the founder of popular company Lyrical Lemonade, which is known for making some of the best music videos in the business. Since the release, Lil Tecca got rapper Juice WRLD to provide a feature to the song, which is titled “Ransom (Remix).” Both individual songs are included in the project.

Other tracks such as “Did It Again,” “Bossanova,” “Love Me,” “Molly Girl,” and “Count Me Out” were also released before the mixtape was introduced. “Did It Again” is currently the only song, besides “Ransom,” that is on the Billboard Hot 100 list. It currently sits as  number 99 and has spent two weeks on the charts. It features a music video on YouTube with over 30 million views. “Love Me” and “Count Me Out” both have music videos on YouTube as well, with a respected eight million views for “Love Me” and close to three million views for “Count Me Out.”

There are other phenomenal songs included in the project: “Shots,” “Left, Right,” “Out of Luck,” and “Amigo.” All four tracks are ranked in between the number 39 and number 55 on Apple Music’s top charts for hip-hop/rap songs. Additionally,  “Out of Luck” and “Shots” are on Billboard’s Hot 100 top charts that include songs of all genres at their respective spots of number 80 and number 84. When the mixtape was released, “Out of Luck” was released as a music video through  the company Lyrical Lemonade. All four songs and others on the mixtape portray Lil Tecca’s unique style that relates to his Jamaican background and one that is similar to fellow New York born rapper A Boogie wit da Hoodie.

The mixtape as a whole is ranked at number 4 on Billboard’s 200 top chart that ranks the top music projects. It’s ranking is above notable projects such as Young Thug’s So Much Fun, Chris Brown’s Indigo, and Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD. Although Indigo and ASTROWORLD have been on the charts for a while, the placement of Tecca’s mixtape ahead of these projects of very established artists in the genre is still very impressive.

So now the question can be answered. Was Lil Tecca’s We Love You Tecca worth the wait? As shown through various top charts, the project and its songs have blown up, showing that hip-hop fans everywhere have enjoyed what the teenage rapper has to offer. 

Although the mixtape has provided success and riches for the rapper, he has said on his social media accounts that he plans to quit. No one knows if he is simply joking, or if he is dead serious. However, for the sake of the genre, fans all around should hope he is playing a good ol’ joke so this phenom of the genre can continue to grow into the industry’s next superstar.