NEWS ANALYSIS: Brazil’s indifference to Amazon rainforest deforestation threatens global climate

Amazon rainforest deforestation is at its highest rate since 2008.

Amazon rainforest deforestation is at its highest rate since 2008.

The rate of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest has reached its highest level since 2008. According to the National Public Radio, the deforestation rate has increased by almost 30 percent over the past year. The rainforest, located in Brazil, has been facing deforestation since Earth was created; however, its rates have become exceedingly high.  According to studies done at Yale, about 3,769 square miles of the rainforest have been destroyed in the past year. Satellite images show that deforestation is a result of land clearing, wildfires, mining, and logging. 

Putting what is happening into perspective for its audience, CNN reports that the current deforestation rate is equal to losing two football fields per minute,the most rapid deforestation rate in over a decade.  

The globe is facing consequences due to the complications that have arisen. For example, the climate has been fluctuating, there has been flooding, fewer crops have been produced, and more greenhouse gases have been making their way into the atmosphere. 

Many have stepped forward and offered help to Brazil. One of those being French president Emmanuel Macron.  Macron offered Brazil $22 million in order to help control the wildfires in the Amazon. This offer caused political turmoil between Brazil and France. Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro demanded an apology from Macron as saw it as disrespectful for Macron to get involved in Brazil’s affairs.

Bolsanaro does not see a problem with what is going on in the Amazon rainforest; instead, he thinks the deforestation will resolve itself. Due to Bolsanaro’s seeming indifference to the problem, it is unlikely that Brazil will meet its goals outlined in the Paris Climate Accord of cutting its carbon emissions by 37 percent by 2025, and 43 percent by 2030. However, Brazil needs to resolve the issue sooner rather than later due to the fluctuating climate being a result of deforestation. 

Because of the size of the Amazon rainforest, it is not just a concern for Brazil anymore, but also the rest of the world. As world leaders begin to get involved in the issue, Brazilian leaders will eventually need to accept their help to get the Amazon rainforest and the country of Brazil back on the right track. 

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