Need music for your social distancing? Look back to the Valentine’s Day releases of A Boogie’s Artist 2.0 and others


A Boogie’s Artist 2.0, which dropped on Valentine’s Day, is worth a revisit.

On Valentine’s Day of 2020, the music culture was blessed with an unbelievable amount of releases. From A Boogie wit da Hoodie’s Artist 2.0 to a single collaboration from Migos, Young Thug, and Travis Scott, fans were treated to a weekend filled with listening to new projects and singles.

A Boogie’s Artist 2.0 had been highly anticipated since his 2018 release Hoodie SZN. He called different artists to feature on the project: Roddy Ricch, DaBaby, Gunna, and Lil Uzi Vert.

The project was better than I expected it to be. Although A Boogie has consistently dropped successful albums, I initially thought the 20 songs on the release would cause many to call on him to focus on “quality” rather than “quantity.”

“Me and My Guitar” features A Boogie singing and rapping alongside the playing of a guitar. He speaks of his rise to fame and his current success throughout the track.

Young Thug is able to flow quite well with A Boogie on “Might Not Give Up” as the two often rap about the exotic cars they drive and the jewelry they wear. Roddy Ricch and Gunna continue their individual success on the London On Da Track produced hit: “Numbers.” Roddy helps A Boogie construct a catchy hook while also adding his own verse. Gunna steps in towards the latter half of the song and talks about the “numbers” he and the others are putting up in the industry. 

A Boogie displays his versatility on “Calm Down (Bittersweet)” featuring Summer Walker and “Another Day Gone” featuring Khalid. These two artists are very involved in the R&B genre, so A Boogie’s singing talent was able to come out to compliment the features.

Overall, the album is very good and should have longeticity as many of the songs should be able to be replayed by fans due to their catchy vibes.

A hip-hop dream team whipped up a very exciting track. Migos collaborated with common collaborators Young Thug and Travis Scott on “Give No Fxk” or “GNF.” Alongside with the audio release, a music video was dropped on YouTube.

I believe the song is very snappy in many aspects. Quavo’s hook flows very well with quick, back to back verses from Offset and Takeoff. 

After a second chorus, Young Thug adds his own verse with a unique, mumble style. Travis Scott is last up and gives fans a classic verse, which includes his famous ad libs and melodies. 

Although I believe it was an above average song, I have some complaints. The hook is way too repetitive, repeating the same phrase many times. The song feels rushed as the verses are kept very short, and artsits  such as Young Thug and Offset aren’t able to morph into their verse as they usually do.

Either way, the track keeps fans excited for Culture III, the group’s expected 2020 album. The song should be able to achieve great commercial success as it seems as if it will be a song that people constantly bump to whether in the car or the gym.

Lil Yachty, Lil Keed, and Zaytoven dropped a 3 song EP, titled Hightop Shoes. The release features Keed and Yachty often flexing their success and switching off between verses to explain the amazing aspects of their lives. “Hightop Shoes” involves Keed justifying his party lifestyle and lavish spending. Lil Gotit was the lone feature on the project on “A-Team (You Ain’t Safe.” 

I believe for a release that wasn’t exactly anticipated by many that the project gave fans some insight on what Lil Yachty has been working on for the past few months, as he hasn’t released anything major in quite some time. It excites fans for his upcoming project without a release date as of now: Lil Boat 3. Lil Keed follows up his 2019 album Long Live Mexico with the EP and may preview future collaborations between the three. 

I also think that the two rapper’s styles flow pretty well together, but more songs between the two may cause the project to get repetitive, so it is smart they limited the release to three songs.

Fetty Wap surprised fans with Trap & B. The project marks the “Trap Queen” rapper’s first major release since 2018. 

The album features a rather subtle sound from Fetty Wap that most wouldn’t recognize at first listen. He raps about a significant other that he has strong feelings for on “Just for You” and “Reasons.” On “Black Friday,” he calls out to the same person and talks about the amazing, rapper-life they live together that he adores.

I think the tracks are pretty calming; however, if you remember Fetty Wap from years ago, you know this isn’t what you would expect. Like me, you probably wanted glorifying and exciting songs like “My Way” and “679” that were a part of his 2015 release Fetty Wap. It is still a decent release and may mark an official comeback for Fetty Wap.

Clearly, there are vast amounts of music that came out on the 14th that can please fans’ musical tastes when looking for music to wile away the hours of staying at home and social distancing.