NAV’s Emergency Tsunami a more than worthy effort


One of the most underrated albums of 2020 is the November release of NAV’s highly anticipated Emergency Tsunami. Some regard this as one of NAV’s best albums since Good Intentions and Bad Habits.

Emergency Tsunami opens with “Breaking News Intro,” which is just a prelude to the following track “Friends and Family.” It begins with a review of a tsunami in Tokyo and how sudden it was and provides the beat for “Friends and Family.”

“Friends and Family” is basically a representation of what is to come on the rest of the album. It displays that NAV knows how to implement word play and smooth transitions between verses. NAV mentions the “King of Pop” Michal Jackson and his hit song “Beat It.” He also mentions his own song “Champions” featuring Travis Scott. “Friends and “Family” is NAV’s fifth most listened to song according to Spotify

“Young Wheezy” features Gunna who’s very familiar with NAV since they have collaborated on many songs. Those songs include “Lemonade” featuring NAV and Don Toliver and “Turks” with Gunna and featuring Travis Scott. Gunna repeats “young Wheezy” in the beginning of the song to give it that certain vibe that NAV and Gunna are trying to emote. This song is regarded by many as the best song on the album according to Spotify. Listeners think NAV’s part is the greatest verse of the entire album, an amazing verse by NAV who employs amazing word play again. The beat has an amazing bass boost which ties it all together. 

“Nasty” is a cool and relatively relaxing beat from the previous two songs. On top of the beat being calming, NAV uses a lower tone when rapping. NAV includes some mellow verses about his relationships. “Nasty” is very sentimental compared to the rest of the album. It’s worth noting that his bars are amazingly lyrical.

“Repercussions” featuring Young Thug is a complete turn around from “Nasty.” It’s an upbeat and lively song. The song opens with NAV’s subtle, then stone tone.Young Thug’s verse is the most energetic part of the song. It includes his iconic verses and his unique input on the song. 

“Vetement Socks” is where NAV gets to have some fun with his lines. The beat is reminiscent of xylophones and chorus men. Also, the beat is like a roller coaster with all it’s up and down tones. Out of all the songs mentioned, this one has the least word play due to the fact that this was mostly a story that NAV is relating. 

“Don’t Need Friends” featuring Lil Baby is regarded as the hypest song on the album. Both NAV and Lil Baby’s performance are full of energy. NAV mentions his hardship before he became a rapper, but then explains how lavish his life is now. Lil Baby brings the song home when he delivers his verse. It’s a different Lil Baby than people are accustomed to. His lines are more expressive, which really help the song overall. 

“Make It Right Back” is another mellow, but dull song. It is the slowest song on Emergency Tsunami. But, it is relaxing. NAV’s voice is almost soothing in this song. He makes references to his past. “Make It Right Back” is another song that’s like a story. 

“Trains,” featuring Lil Keed, is not a song people enjoy very much. Lil Keed’s addition was the best part of this song. His dynamic verse is enjoyable. NAV mentions another rapper known as Tay K and his song “The Race.” This tiny mention is another interesting part of the song.

“Do Ya Deed,” featuring SahBabii, is a slower and more sentimental song like “Make It Right Back” and “Nasty.” The song opens with SahBabii’s lines and they’re interesting, but NAV is definitely the star of this song. His use of auto tune doesn’t seem overdone. His verses follow the same pattern as SahBabiis, but with NAV’s own outstanding, unique presentation. 

“Droppin Tears” has a unique beat that has a sentimental feel, but NAV makes it seem like an upbeat song. His lines have so much emphasis, it’s astounding. The word play in this song is by far the best on this album. NAV mentions his past and what he plans on doing in this song as well. Overall, this song is a hybrid of a zestful and a gentle song. 

“Modest” was another song fans don’t seem to enjoy as much as other songs. While it does have decent lines from NAV, it didn’t seem like the lines were well-perceived. He does implement the song title into his lines, but even so, most people don’t like “Modest.” It does, however,, have a good amount of word play and lyricality. The beat is not loved by fans, and unfortunately, that’s why fans do not enjoy this song. 

“Turn and Twist” has an opera portion to it, which is the song’s most prominent part. That portion includes the song title, which was a great choice. NAV’s beat in the beginning of his song is a treat. He definitely had some fun making this song. “Turn and Twist” is definitely the culminating song of the album. It includes some sad tones, but then when the beat picks up, the song hits its peak. NAV also includes when he didn’t have much, which was an interesting portion of the song. This song, even though it is really amazing beat and lyric-wise, is still not the most loved song by fans. “Turn and Twist” is far from the worst song in the album, though. 

“Breaking News Outro” continues the story from the opening of Emergency Tsunami. The same man continues by explaining that it’s going to be a “tremor to remember.” 

Emergency Tsunami is NAV’s sixth album. and many fans regard it as his best album so far. It includes a diversity of songs ranging from hype to relaxed and then a hybrid of both. Emergency Tsunami is definitely NAV’s most unique album, and is worthy of a listen by those who missed its release and a re-visit by those who may have put it to the back of the playlist.