Olympic Heights boys weightlifting team captures district title, four individual gold medals


The Olympic Heights boys weightlifting team won the District 16-3A championship and four Lion weightlifters captured individual district championships yesterday, March 31, in the OH gymnasium. 

Coach Micah Stucky told The Torch that the outstanding showing is a product of “great work by all the kids; this has been a few years in the making, and I’m very proud of the all buy-in, hard work, and dedication put in by the boys.” Stucky also expressed his appreciation to the OH “admin, the school, and parents for the support.” 

The OH district gold medalists are Kaivin Im, Tyler Park, Isaiah Pierre and Bryan Santos. The silver medalists are Gilson D’Haiti, Moses Jean, Sean Lutin, Dat Nguyen, Miguel Sanchez and Fuge Theodore. The bronze medalists are Jean Alfonso-Tuero, Vastly Latyk, Michael Molle, Tyler Schaney and Steven Schenk.

The team now advances to the Region 3-3A championships.