Netflix’s Ginny and Georgia tackles serious issues with humor


Antonia Gentry (left) and Brianne Howey star as Ginny and Georgia in the Netflix series that examines the mother/daughter relationship.

Netflix Originals are known to be somewhat controversial as sometimes they address sensitive and controversial topics. Ginny and Georgia, for instance, is one of the many Netflix Originals that tackles a deeper message, albeit with a somewhat humorous twist at times.

Ginny and Georgia premiered on Netflix February 24, 2021. The series revolves around Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and her mother Georgia (Brianne Howey). Throughout the series the audience learns that Ginny and her brother have two different fathers which is why they have different skin colors. Ginny is one of the only dark-skinned people in her town; however, her friends accept her for inner self and look past what is on the outside. Drama starts in the show as Georgia starts dating the town mayor, inviting more interest in her background. The situation gets messy as Georgia’s secrets start to be revealed.  

Ginny and Georgia discuss many twenty first century topics such as high school life, self-harm, and racism. The show also takes a close look at a mother-daughter bond such as the one Ginny and Georgia share. The high school life is presented through having to make friends, meeting significant others, and attending parties. While not all of the show is accurate in portraying typical high school life, some of it is. 

Senior Shea Posner did not think it documented a typical high school experience. She stated, “Many of the things that Ginny has gone through does not accurately show what every high schooler goes through.” 

The topic of self harm made its way into a couple of the episodes. Two of the main characters, one of them being Ginny, do harm themselves. OH junior Brooke Hollander comments, “They should [not] have made self harm a bigger topic because that’s not what the show” is about. Hollander sums up the show by saying it is about “Ginny and her family trying to settle down…after years on the run.” 

Hollander also says, “If they focused more on self harm, it would ruin the message of the show.” While the show’s main purpose is not to put an end to self harm, it did make the audience aware of it thereby offering a better understanding of the dynamics of the characters.

Ginny and Georgia is a very likeable show. When it first came out it was on Netflix’s Top 10 charts for 27 days. Many high schoolers seem to like it since most can relate to it. Hollander says the show “kept me always on my feet. Every episode I didn’t know what was going to happen next.” In addition she “liked how it left us on a cliffhanger at the end” of the season. The show is very engaging. 

Ginny and Georgia is very short and sweet and definitely worth the time. It gets viewers hooked after the first episode, and it has just recently been renewed for a second season! 

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