Krispy Kreme, other businesses offering vax incentives


Krispy Kreme lovers can get a free glazed donut by showing their COVID-19 vaccination card.

Everyone has been affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Whether it’s losing a job or a loved one, the whole world is going through this pandemic together. 

Thankfully, more and more people are getting vaccinated everyday, causing many Americans relief and even excitement. Even businesses are celebrating these vaccination processes by giving away freebies and coupons to those who have received at least one dose of the Moderna, Pfizer COVID-19, or the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

From fast food to local restaurants, millions of places are offering either a discount or a freeby to the millions of people who present their vaccination cards. Even employees are benefiting from getting vaccinated as some companies are giving paid time off to their employees to get vaccinated. Shannon Dwyer, a reporter for The Real Deal’s Shannon Dwyer reports, “Trader Joes is offering four hours of paid time off for employees so they can get their shots.” 

Trader Joe’s is just one out of the many companies that are giving their employees paid hours off to get their vaccine shots. Everyone is in support of helping people get the vaccine in hopes of bringing an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. Other food markets such as Publix are providing their employees with $125 gift cards for getting vaccinated. It’s not only better for the nation, but better for the company as well, which is why the Publix employees are getting rewarded for getting vaccinated.

 The fast-food Krispy Kreme Bakery started giving out “free iconic original glazed donuts every day throughout the rest of 2021,” The Real Deal reports. Olympic Heights juniors Marly Telchin and Brooke Hollander have taken advantage of the Krispy Kreme offer.

“I just showed one of the employees my vaccine card and he gave me one,” Telchin explained. “Yeah, it was a pretty easy process. The donut tasted great!” Hollander added. So, all of the OH community with both a vaccination card and a sweet tooth for Krispy Kreme donuts should take the advice of Telchin and Hollander to take advantage of the Krispy Kreme vaccination incentive and make their your way over to Krispy Kreme to get a free original glazed donut! 

OH junior Danielle Marone even took advantage of a vaccination incentive while on a recent visit to New York City. Marone stopped in at  Brooklyn’s Junior’s Cheesecake, showed them her vaccination card and enjoyed Junior’s world famous cheesecake. “I love cheesecake, so when I heard about getting a free one when vaccinated, I went over and got one,” Marone recalls. “It was my second shot, so it hurt a little more than the first, but the cheesecake made it better for sure!”

Getting vaccinated is a cause for excitement and celebration after surviving the terrifying year of the COVID-19 outbreak. Companies wanted to join in on the celebration and reward Americans who acquired a COVID-19 immunizations with special deals after they get their doses.

In addition to Krispy Kreme and Budweiser, Staples, Office Max, and White Castle are also running various vaccination incentive programs. The incentives are there to entice people into getting the vaccination, but they can also help to make people feel better after the shot. 

Of course, everyone should be getting the vaccination regardless. Despite all the unfounded claims that are being spread about the dangers of getting the vaccination, getting the vaccination is the surest way to bring an end to the pandemic. But why not enjoy a free Krispy Kreme donut afterwards?