Latest film version of Cinderella met with mixed reviews


The latest film version of the classic fairy tale Cinderella stars pop singer Camila Cabello in the lead role.

A new film rendition of the classic fairy tale Cinderella was recently released in select theaters and on Amazon Prime Video streaming service. The new Cinderella film includes several notable actors and singers including Billy Porter, Idina Menzel, James Corden, and pop singer Camila Cabello in the lead role. 

There are a few major differences between this version of Cinderella from the many other film versions. In this rendition, Cinderella has a dream to establish a shop for the dresses that she creates and designs. She also seems to be less interested in getting married in this new version. In fact, in this version of the film, the evil stepmother (Menzel) wants Cinderella to be married to the prince, but originally Cinderella rejects the idea. 

The 2021 adaptation of Cinderella coveys themes that were not as prominent in past film versions of the story. The new version of the film forms the idea that women can be successful without being married and can work hard to make their wishes come true. It contains the ideas of independence and feminism and can be viewed as a more empowering take on a classic fairy tale. 

In addition to the changes in the storyline, the new Cinderella movie is also a jukebox musical, meaning it uses popular songs from artists as opposed to the original songs from the first film adaptation released in 1950. The 2021 version utilizes songs such as “Somebody To Love” by Queen, “Material Girl” by Madonna, “Am I Wrong” by Nico & Vinz, and “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. 

Unfortunately, this version of Cinderella received several negative reviews by both critics and audience viewers. Kristy Puchko from calls the new film “an unwatchable mess.” She explains her viewpoint by saying, “Simply put, this movie is astoundingly bad. It’s full of halfhearted ideas, blah fashion, and stale stereotypes.” 

Puchko continues to explain, “In a clunky attempt to make it feel modern, [writer and director] Cannon slaps in songs from Ed Sheeran, Madonna, and Janet Jackson, along with slangy bits like ‘chicks dig it,’ ‘dude,’ and ‘that’s how old people say “poppin.”’ Plus, there’s no sense of flow to the narrative. Scenes collide from one into another without grace, which is all the more noticeable in a musical.”

Many other audience members reacted similarly, offering their opinion with online posts, such as Azma Khan who posted, “Such a shame to a classic fairy tale!”  Viewer Shi Yu Lin posted “After I watched this Cinderella film, I was really shocked. Not because the film’s really great, just because it’s really bad.”

However, there were some positive reviews, such as this one from a user named Sabrina S, “This movie does a wonderful job of making the audience feel a range of emotions: from singing to laughing, to dancing, and sometimes even crying. A very joyous film that’s very much needed amid such unprecedented times.” 

All in all, the 2021 adaptation of Cinderella is a creative musical and a way to bring an older classic into today’s world. It was a movie meant to inspire and make the audience laugh. There have been several remakes of this film throughout the years and this one brings out new ways of thinking and offers diversity to viewers all around the world.