OH Theatre Department set to stage musical-comedy 9 to 5

Olympic Heights senior drama students (from left) Lily Rosenthal, Isabelle El-Yateem, and Jade Krickstein share the lead in the theatre department’s 2022 production of the musical-comedy 9 to 5.

After a long break due to COVID-19, the Olympic Heights theater department is back on the stage for the first time since performing the musical Little Shop of Horrors in 2020. This year’s performance is 9 to 5, based on the 1980 hit movie of the same name.

9 to 5 is a musical focusing on three women that work at a company where their lying, slimy boss promotes egotistical and sexist values. The musical raises awareness on women’s equal rights and pay, made unique by the utilization of Dolly Parton’s iconic music to promote these ideals in a hilarious revenge story. 

The three women, Violet, Judy, and Doralee, decide to team up to revamp their workplace into a place that is dedicated to empowering women and getting rid of their hypocritical boss who has made their lives extremely hard at work. 

The leading ladies are played by OH seniors Lily Rosenthal, Jade Krickstein, and Isabelle El-Yateem. El-Yateem, who plays Violet, stated, “Jade and I were able to create vocal tracks for the class to learn from, which was a really interesting experience for me.” 

Krickstein, who plays Doralee, Dolly Parton’s original character, declared, “ I loved working with the other two leading ladies, it’s a very fun opportunity.”

The crew behind the scenes are extremely important as well. Musicals consist of people controlling the sound and lights, designing the set, creating the choreography, handling the costumes, and of course, the directors. 

Doubling as both the Performing & Fine Arts Department Chair and Theatre Director, Ms. Kimberly Coyle is excited to be back developing a show. “Most of these actors and technicians have not been on stage in a full-length production in two years and some have never set foot on stage at all,” Coyle explained. “To simply be up and running is a feat in itself, and I am truly proud of each and every person who took part in our process of 9 to 5.”

The cast has been rehearsing for approximately two months, and they have been working on sets and costumes for even longer. “Mostly everything you see on stage we’ve created, we built it, and we did the woodwork,” OH senior Madi Sklar, the show’s artistic director, explained.

OH junior Isabella Grippo, one of the co-choreographers for the show, added, “We collaboratively decided to do the choreography based on character work and personality, instead of focusing on a more complicated dancing style.” They have put in the work with all of the ensemble mixes, taking the time to evaluate and work together, creating the best most personalized show they can.

The cast and crew have completely dedicated themselves to this musical. They have been staying late at school rehearsing and working on their lines and songs. Rosenthal, who plays Judy, has been working towards performing one of the songs, “Get Out and Stay Out.” She explains, “It has been my goal since freshman year to be able to perform it because during my freshman year it was too hard for me. We are doing the show so now I am doing the song I always wanted to do.”

The cast has worked together to create this hysterical musical-comedy, and they have expressed their excitement and anticipation to be able to perform on stage once again. 

Show times are: Fri., Feb. 11 at 7:00pm; Sat., Feb. 12 at 7:00pm; Sun., Feb. 13 at 2:00pm; and Mon., Feb. 14 at 3:00pm. General Admission is $15; student tickets are $5.