Olympic Heights class of 2022 enjoying senior activities in a return to normalcy after COVID-19 restrictions lifted


The Olympic Heights Class of 2022 prom court featured (from left): Arie Eitani, Dylan Brenner, Spencer Vogel, Makayla Lewis, and the eventual prom queen and king, Tamara Backers and Alec Pattoukian.

As this school year comes to a close, the senior class is enjoying its last couple of moments of high school before graduation. Seniors were luckier this year and got to have their prom, while the previous two classes of seniors were unable to participate in their senior activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Senior events started April 8, with Grad Bash, and end on May 24, when the seniors receive their diplomas. 

The first senior event to take place was Grad Bash, a trip to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures in Orlando. During Grad Bash, Universal transforms the parks into an exciting party for seniors from all over the state of Florida. Seniors look forward to this event of having fun with their friends as the park closes to the general public early and the seniors have their run of the park all night. 

Olympic Heights senior Jordyn Segal explains how the experience was both “exhilarating and enthralling. The rides superb, and the company immaculate.” Segal was excited to go on the rides with all her friends and create memorable moments that she will hold onto forever. The seniors got back to the OH campus at 5:30 in the morning after having a blast at Universal’s event.

The next event held for seniors was a school-wide pep rally. This was the first normal pep rally OH has held since the COVID-19 pandemic put all activities on hold, so all grades were thrilled for the return of the pep rally on April 21. During the pep rally, Mr. OH, Steven Schenk took the floor with the cheerleaders for a promposal. 

Schenk had the cheerleaders hold up letters that spelled “Prom?,” and asked Rachel Soued to go to prom with him with a bouquet of flowers. OH senior Alexa Berman, explaining her enjoyment of the pep rally said, “I liked the pep rally because it was memorable. It was my last pep rally as a senior, so it was very sad.” Many other seniors expressed a similar sentiment as their high school years are coming to a close. 

Right after the pep rally was the prom on April 22, at the Pavilion Grille. The theme was masquerade with different styles of masquerade masks distributed to attending students. Students got to see their teachers in an out-of-school fun but formal setting which was a treat for most students. “I loved seeing my teachers: Ms. Koher, Ms. Hamilton, and Mrs. Baer,” OH senior Brooke Hollander exclaimed. 

Students were impressed by the quality of the food at the prom. It was served buffet-style with different meal options including two different types of salad, more than one type of protein, and a plethora of sides. “As a pescatarian, I was happy to see there were food-friendly options for me,” OH senior Dani Canter explained.

The last official day for seniors is May 12, which is a sad and exciting day for everyone. Underclassmen and teachers will say their last goodbyes to seniors, and seniors say goodbye to OH. Following that will be senior award night on May 17, which is by email invitation only. Emails have not gone out yet, but will within the next week. 

On May 18, OH is hosting a movie night at Delray Marketplace for seniors where Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be shown. OH senior Marly Telchin explains that “the school has never done an activity like this before for my class and I think it’s really nice they are giving us this opportunity to do something together as a whole.”

 On May 19, senior checkout will take place. It is mandatory for all seniors to return books, any school-issued technology they’ve been issued, and pay fees they owe the school. It is important to make sure students are on top of what they need to return. 

May 23 is graduation rehearsal, which is mandatory for any senior who will be participating in the graduation ceremony on May 24. If seniors do not attend rehearsal, they will not be eligible to participate in graduation. Graduation will be held at the South Florida Fairgrounds starting at 8:00 A.M. All seniors that are attending the ceremony must be at the fairgrounds by 6:30 A.M. 

All pictures must be taken at home or before students enter the fairgrounds for graduation in the morning. Students are not allowed to take pictures after the ceremony. Students are confused and puzzled by this rule because they already have to wake up so early in the morning to get ready and be at the fairgrounds on time. “I don’t understand why we are not allowed to take pictures after the ceremony,” OH senior Spencer Vogel explains. “When are we supposed to take [photos]? At 5 in the morning when the sun isn’t even up yet?” Seniors are angry about this rule but have to abide by it. 

The class of 2022 got lucky in the scheme of things as the COVID-19 pandemic has calmed down enough to allow school activities to return to normalcy.