Ukraine continues tough fight against Russian invasion


Despite having lost 20 percent of its territory to Russia, the Ukrainian military is putting up a much better defense than was expected.

Since February 24, 2022, the world’s attention has been focused on the fighting in Eastern Europe. That was the day Russia made its initial move to invade Ukraine. Seven months later and with no apparent end in sight, observers are wondering what to expect for Ukraine and Russia. 

Russia has decimated a number of heavily populated cities in Ukraine and has committed multiple war crimes in its aggression against Ukraine. Recently, Russia launched a rocket at a train station in the Ukrainian town of Chaplyne, killing at least 22 Ukrainians while injuring over 30. This war is still very much active even though it is not been the lead news story it became back in February when the invasion first began.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed Ukraine on August 24 explaining how Ukraine is now reborn. Ukraine’s people have all united despite their differences to fight off a common enemy that is seeking to destroy their home. When the conflict first started, many observers felt Ukraine stood no chance against a country as powerful as Russia and would fall within weeks. Now, Zelenskyy addresses the country celebrating its independence whilst deriding those who doubted the Ukrainian people.   

One of the points made by NATO personnel was that Russia has already poured many of its assets into conquering Ukraine. The question arises if Russia will ever surrender its attempts to take over Ukraine. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg explained his forecast on the future of this war by clarifying the possibility that it could last for multiple years. After seven months, Russia has captured approximately 21 percent of Ukraine’s territory. 

The United States has sent another three billion dollars in military aid to Ukraine to be used to train and fund Ukraine’s military for years to come in hopes it can sustain its defense. Currently, a total of 10.6 billion dollars has been sent to Ukraine to aid them in their fight against Russia. Russian president Vladimir Putin warned all NATO countries against intervening in the conflict. 

The longer the fighting continues, the higher the casualties will inevitably rise. The New York Times estimates that there are tens of thousands of civilian casualties in Ukraine, but there are officially 5,587 confirmed deaths. For the military casualties, the Times approximates that there are 9,000 Ukrainian and 25,000 Russian military personnel deaths. 

Olympic Heights AP World History teacher, Ms. Wendy Zeitz believes Russia may eventually give up before the Ukrainian people do as the Ukrainian people are fully motivated to protect their home from Russia. “Through the use of guerilla warfare, the Ukrainian people have fought against the Russians, resisting the invasion of their home country,” Zeitz commented.

OH junior Ryan Sacher believes that Putin will not stop until he gets what he wants, or at least Putin says that he got what he wanted. Meanwhile, OH sophomore Jake Alcalay has a different viewpoint stating that he thinks Russia will get tired of the fighting and the Ukrainian people and will go home satisfied with the 20 percent of Ukrainian land they have taken.