Club Rush to give Olympic Heights students the opportunity to find a club that suits their interests on Thursday, Sept. 15


DECA is just one of the many clubs that Olympic Heights students can join during Thursday’s Club Rush event.

It’s time for the annual Club Rush event to take place at Olympic Heights. This event gives students the opportunity to learn about and sign up for clubs based on their personal interests and hobbies as many students are eager to join clubs and connect with their fellow high schoolers. 

Club Rush is taking place on Thursday, September 15. This year, there are about 70 clubs involved, including many new clubs. During both A and B lunches, there will be tables set up all around the courtyard area, where students can browse the vast selection of clubs that OH has to offer. Everyone will then be able to sign up for the clubs that best interest them. Students can expect to see the club booths decorated with posters, receive handouts, and even get some fun items to take home with them. 

OH sophomore Ainhoa Martino explained, “Not only is it [joining clubs] important for college applications, but it allows for something to look forward to in school when things may be getting harder in classes.” OH sophomore Lilly Gottfried added, “By getting involved, you meet many people with the same interests as you, learn about new things, and it also looks great for college.” 

There are many clubs that are returning this year, including Science Olympiad and DECA. Both clubs have acquired more members this year, and are excited to begin taking trips and competing at the district, state, and international levels. In addition, there are many clubs that are aiming to prepare students for their future careers. Some of these clubs include HOSA (future health professionals), Marksmanship/Cyber JROTC, Pre-Law Club, and there are many more. All of these clubs give students the opportunity to meet other people with similar career interests and educate themselves on the different aspects of their dream professions. 

OH also offers various language-related clubs, such as Chinese Club and Spanish Honor Society. Students will be given the opportunity to strengthen their language skills and continue to use these skills in the future. Students can also join clubs based on their religious beliefs. JSU (Jewish Student Union), and First Priority Club are some of the clubs that students can join to explore their religions in a fun and interactive way. 

Furthermore, OH offers many clubs that strive to improve both the school and the environment. Kindness Matters Club and Make Our School Safe Club are just some of the clubs that will encourage students to make a difference through school activities. For example, Best Buddies club allows students to connect with one another and form strong relationships with their peers. This level of interaction helps students feel a part of something important, all while spreading positivity throughout the OH community. 

OH SGA adviser Ms. Chelsea Fink explained, “There are numerous benefits including: meeting people with a shared interest and making new friends, further developing hobbies/skills, growing and developing leadership skills, and giving back to the community. Continued involvement in clubs, and serving as leaders in those clubs, can also make you a more appealing applicant when you’re looking to go to colleges and universities.”

Many students are taking advantage of the diverse selection of clubs that the school offers by joining multiple clubs. Gottfried commented, “I am on board for Best Buddies and Dance Marathon! I also want to join the Investment Club and Cards for Kindness.” The amazing thing about joining clubs at OH is that there truly is a club for everyone. The school offers clubs for a myriad of interests, such as creative writing, pickleball, Dungeons & Dragons, hip-hop dance, literature appreciation, and so many more. 

Students and staff are very excited to be more engaged in the activities that OH has to offer. All of the club information and meeting times can be found at the club booths during Club Rush. I absolutely recommend students get more involved in club activities. There is a club for every interest!” Fink added.