Hamptons Plaza Dunkin’ a popular hangout for OH students


The line of Olympic Heights students at the Hamptons Plaza Dunkin’ regularly runs out the door after school lets out.

Olympic Heights Runs to Dunkin’.

For years, the Dunkin’ in Hamptons Plaza, about a half mile north of Olympic Heights on Lyons Road, has served as the “after-school hangout spot” for OH students. From a business perspective, this may bring in desired revenue, but with the increasing numbers of students each day, overcrowding and occasional unruly behavior have become a concerning issue for the business. 

With Dunkin’s quick and easy, on-the-go options, students are often drawn there because “it’s very close to school, it’s walkable, and easily affordable,” OH sophomore Nate Cahen shared. Being a walking distance away, the Hamptons Plaza Dunkin’ allows students to easily stop by on a daily basis.

At times, Dunkin’ has become overcrowded and filled to maximum capacity, so students are no longer allowed to linger inside, but, rather, must make their way outside once they receive their order. Not only does this take away from the “hangout” aspect of Dunkin’, but it limits students’ ability to engage in conversation while enjoying their food. But, with these ongoing problems, is that enough for students to leave?

Additional problems for the business regarding practicality come along with the overcrowded conditions. Minutes after OH students are dismissed at 2:45 p.m., the Hamptons Plaza Dunkin’ becomes so crowded that non-student customers have difficulty getting their orders filled in a reasonable time frame. The overcrowding also drives away those customers who don’t want to be surrounded by high school students.  

On numerous occasions, the Hamptons Plaza Dunkin’ manager – known to students as Sam – has had to order reluctant OH students to leave the restaurant in a less than a polite manner in order to make room for non-student customers. When reached for comment, the store manager declined to speak with The Torch

Compounding matters is that recent issues concerning students fighting outside the Hamptons Plaza Dunkin’ have been brought to the attention of OH administration. It seems Dunkin’ has become the place for OH students to meet after school to settle their differences. 

OH Crisis Intervention Teacher Bryan Lejuene, who assists with administrative duties, shared, “When fights happen off campus, our school resource officer will notify the Sheriff’s office for their involvement in it, along with parents if needed.” 

Lejuene points out that this sort of problem is not limited to OH, as other Dunkin’s and similar businesses close to other district high schools deal with the same concerns. However, it has been noticed that the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office usually has a deputy stationed at the Hampton’s Plaza Dunkin’ after school each afternoon. 

Despite the many challenges at Dunkin’, students continue to stop by to grab their favorite afternoon treats. OH sophomore Sam Hurwitz added, “With this open environment, students are provided with a good chance to meet new people and chill with their friends after school.”