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The Return of Anatomy at Olympic Heights High School


Olympic Heights High Schools once again introduced the Anatomy and Physiology course for students after eliminating it during the 2022-2023 school year.

With the number of science classes available, students are able to pick elective courses that best fit their study of choice, in addition to the required classes.  These courses range from AP, AICE, honors, and regular. Earth Space, Biology, Chemistry, Marine, Physics, Astronomy, Forensics, and Environmental science are all provided to those during their years at Olympic Heights. Anatomy and Physiology has now joined the list once again as an honors class for those interested in the subject. 

Nicole Blankfield, an AP Environmental teacher, took the role of a former instructor to return the course to the school. Blankfield expresses that her goal is to teach her “students to know that they can make a difference.” She expresses how her class is made to motivate those to pursue their career of choice as “it only takes one person to inspire and do the right thing.” The class presents students with an introduction to the work of the human body and prepares those who look forward to being part of the Medical field. 

The study of Anatomy and Physiology presents the world of life science. In relationship with one another, Anatomy focuses on the connection of the internal and external composition of the body, whereas Physiology goes in-depth about the responsibilities of those structures. The introduction of Anatomy to high school students provides those with exposure to the study, which is not always talked about in college. It also allows students to have a visual representation of the body through many labs and dissections. Before starting the actual learning of Anatomy, students are able to review sections of Biology as it is an important portion of the class.

As the class may be optional, the course provides students with familiarity with what we experience in our daily lives. Students are able to understand certain signs and symptoms the body goes through and understand the body systems and certain diseases, which patients have to experience regularly. 

With the uniqueness of the class, Blankfield is able to prepare her students by structuring her lessons based on how she thinks students will be able to grasp the information. “For this year, I want my students to enjoy my class, have fun, learn, and really see if they want to pursue a career in science,” Blankfield highlights. 

With the return of this course, Dylan Salazar, Olympic Heights Junior, states, “Anatomy is an interesting and beneficial class for teenagers to take as you learn, more in-depth, about your body and how it functions.” In addition, Grace Deeb, also a Junior at Olympic Heights, emphasizes the importance of the course. “This class is everything someone may need if headed into the medical world. It displays a closer look at terminology and diagnosis you may witness through the field,” Deeb claims. 

Blankfield has now thought about the addition of an AP Anatomy and Physiology class for her students as it will lead them to the correct path for their future in college.

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  • Y

    YaffaSep 26, 2023 at 4:55 pm

    I think this new class is a great addition!

  • S

    SophiaSep 26, 2023 at 11:25 am

    This is really interesting, love the article.