Brandon Arnone and Alisa Nazaire Crowned Mr. and Mrs. OH


This past week, Olympic Heights announced its 2014-15 Mr. and Mrs. OH, Brandon Arnone and Alisa Nazaire. We caught up with Brandon and Alisa to get their thoughts on being crowned Mr. and Mrs. OH.

Q1: How does it feel to know that you are the new Mrs./Mr. OH?

Alisa: It definitely feels weird to know that I’m the new Ms. OH– but in a good way! I’ve wanted this since I was a freshmen in high school, and it’s surreal to know that not only am I going to be a senior this coming year, but that I’ve also accomplished a goal I set for myself three years ago.

Brandon: I feel honored to be crowned Mr. OH, I’m so excited to be there every step of the way this upcoming senior year of high school.

Q2: What do you plan on doing differently next year than this year’s Mrs./Mr. OH?

Alisa: What I want to more so focus on this year, as the new Ms. OH, is allowing the students from OH to get to know me. I feel that in the years before that getting to know your Ms. OH was difficult. I want the students to know that they can come talk to me about anything, and that I’m willing to listen and work with them.

Brandon: I’m going to try and have a senior pep rally and hopefully get it approved.

Q3: What do you look forward to mostly for next year’s being of Mrs./Mr. OH?

Alisa: I look forward to going wild at all the pep rallies next year! I can guarantee that people are going to have a lot of fun this coming year with all the new ideas that Brandon and I have come up with not just with pep rallies, but with spirit weeks and fun lunches.

Brandon: I’m excited to run the pep rallies and be a part of SGA. Also, I look forward to an awesome senior year!

Q4: What encouraged you to try out for the position of Mrs./Mr. OH?

Alisa: I’ve wanted to be Ms. OH since I was in 9th grade; it’s something I always knew I was going to try out for, so i’m glad that I actually got it! My friends, and just other students at OH, also encouraged me to go for it seeing as I obviously loved Olympic Heights and went to extreme lengths for the spirit weeks.

Brandon: I’ve always wanted to be Mr. OH ever since I saw my first pep rally freshmen year. Also a lot of my friends encouraged and supported my decision to run.

Q5: What traits of yours do you think helped get you the role of Mr. OH that you also think students will love most about you?

Alisa: I wasn’t afraid to go all out and make a fool out of myself. I didn’t hold myself back or try to “keep my cool”. Quite simply, I love OH and I’m not afraid to show it. I want to do right by this school by being the best Ms. OH that I can be. I think the other students will see that not only do I care about my school but that I also care about them as well. I’m very optimistic and know that if you believe in something hard enough, and work hard enough towards it, anything is possible.

Brandon: I’m really fun and outgoing. I’m not afraid of being myself around a crowd of people.

Q6: What was the first thing that crossed your mind when you heard you were next year’s Mr. OH?

Alisa: I didn’t even think when I found out. But I did feel a lot. I felt relief, disbelief, and jubilation. I couldn’t believe it, it just didn’t seem real. Even now it’s hard to believe that I’m Ms. OH. I just knew whether I won or not that either way I had fun trying out with the other people and that we all tried our best, and in the end that was enough to make me happy.

Brandon: I can’t believe Alisa and I did it. All the hard work we did together finally paid off.

Q7: If you had one message to send out to the Seniors of next year, what would it be?

Alisa: To have fun and do what you want. This is YOUR senior year, so make it the way you want it. Join the clubs or sports you’ve always wanted to and make your senior a special one. Rather than wasting your time with things that make you unhappy, spend time in your last year doing what makes you happy. I’m proud to say that I’m a part of the Class of 2015– so go out there and make this a year to remember! Let’s go Heights!