With Changes Coming, Olympic Heights Ready for its 12th Annual St. Baldrick’s Event

With Changes Coming, Olympic Heights Ready for its 12th Annual St. Baldrick’s Event

It’s that time again for the OH Lions to deck out in all shades of green.

On Thursday, March 17th, Olympic Heights will host its 12th annual St. Baldrick’s Pep Rally raising money and awareness for childhood cancer research.

This year, St. Baldrick’s will have a twist to it with the addition of the color run. However originally scheduled to occur on the same day as the pep rally, the school administration announced today that it will postpone the color run for a later date.

“We did this because I think we needed it,” says SGA director, Mr. Joseph Marotullo who encourages students to take part in the newly added activities. “Things were getting kind of same old same old and students talked about wanting something different, so that’s what we did.”

To participate in the color run and attend the pep rally, students must buy either a $10 T-shirt or a $5 wristband in room 8106. Students can also volunteer to raise money. To shave one’s head, a student must raise at least $100.

Last night, OH surpassed its $500,000 milestone over the 12 years of supporting St. Baldrick’s.

Although below the school’s average, OH has raised over $12,000 heading into the final day of fundraising. Marotullo notes that over the years he has seen a decrease in student participation and interest.

“I think we used to think that students were seeing the same thing every year, but now I think it’s because upperclassmen who participated in previous years discourage other students,” says Marotullo. Marotullo encourages students to go talk to him so “they can truly understand what they can do for such a great cause.”