Lime a Welcome Addition to the Growing List of Boca Mexican Restaurants

This summer, Shadowood Square on the northeast corner of Glades and State Road 7 welcomed its own quick service Mexican chain: Lime Fresh Mexican Grill.

Lime will likely compete with the Tijuana Flats in the Misson Bay Plaza across the street and the Chipotle in the adjacent Westwinds of Boca. While this slightly pricier Mexican grill will not likely sway die-hard Chipotle fans, this new rival may intrigue many regular Tijuana Flats-goers.

Lime offers a varied selection of salads, quesadillas, tacos, fajitas, and burritos. The cleverly worded, sometimes sassy menu also boasts their flexibility to whip up individualized options such as vegetarian dishes.

Patrons will be sure to find their Mexican favorites on the menu alongside inventive house favorites like the “8th Street”– which includes bacon wrapped up among the burrito staples. Bacon on a burrito? How could someone have not thought of that genius idea before?

The food certainly lives up to the “fresh Mexican” name and is enjoyable for even the health-conscious burrito-lover. Lime offers a spectrum of burritos, ranging from signature sour cream-filled and cheese-oozing to light and tortilla-less options.

The food is not the only pleasant aspect of Lime. The service is polite and attentive; they give off a surprising air of assurance despite their short time spent on the job so far. Wait staff and managers seem genuinely willing to ensure an enjoyable experience for the patrons.

The minimalist interior aesthetic meets somewhere between modern and homey – a warm atmosphere with a few wall fixtures of clever ways to display – what other than – limes. Also, the additional patio space will be lovely for when the Florida’s humid summer heat wave dies down. Yet, the only view patrons have to gaze upon are the other restaurants across the parking lot or the buzzing traffic on State Road 7.

So far, Lime has done well to distinguish itself as the more refined of the West Boca Mexican grills.