Señor Burrito: Delicious Mexican Food in East Boca

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Señor Burrito: Delicious Mexican Food in East Boca

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Where there is a war between Chipotle and Moe’s, we have one more Mexican dining establishment to add to the list: Senor Burrito. Somewhat out of the way, and located in a rather off-putting shopping center in East Boca, Senor Burrito is the home of some very authentic Mexican cuisine. You shouldn’t be too quick to judge this restaurant by its exterior, because entering Senor Burrito is like entering a new world. While Federal Highway in East Boca might seem like a bit of a trek, it’s not too far from Moe’s if you plan on heading that way, and the food is definitely much more authentic.

FOOD: While I have only been to Senor Burrito twice due to its distance from my house, the food makes it all worth the trek. Like any good Mexican restaurant, chips and salsa are served first (and they’re free of charge). The saying, “you can’t just eat one potato chip,” is wholly true for these perfectly seasoned, crunchy tortilla chips. The salsa is a little spicy and vinegary for my taste, but I’m not a salsa girl, so don’t go by me.

The menu, while not that large, includes a taste of everything Mexican that you could possibly be craving, from quesadillas to burritos to salads to traditional Mexican entrees. For my main meal, I chose the chicken burrito (both times because I just couldn’t wait to eat again). When the plate comes out, you seriously better be hungry. It’ll be heaping with a family style portion of Mexican goodness that’ll keep you full for the whole day. The burrito covered with perfect, melted cheese encapsulates about half of the small, oblong serving platter your food comes out on. The rest of your plate comes with piled high rice and refried beans, and if you don’t like beans, you can opt for a double portion of their homemade Mexican rice. The steam and smell of the wonderful seasonings are enough to make your mouth water, and it all tastes even better.

The food is made with love, and you can tell by looking back toward the kitchen and seeing two grandma-like chefs cooking away. It’s obvious they know how to make food correctly.

ATMOSPHERE: Walking into Senor Burrito is like walking into a small Mexican café. There is a huge bar that consumes most of the tiny space, but it’s open for all ages to enjoy their meal. Sitting at the bar is an interesting experience in itself because you get to mingle with other diners. Sitting at a table is also equally satisfying because once the food arrives, it’s like sitting at your grandmother’s kitchenette. The outside and inside are mildly deceiving, so it may not be the best first date or anniversary location. If you’re just looking for a place to go get some really good, authentic Mexican food, Senor Burrito is your place. It would be a fun place to go with friends, but not too many friends due to the small amount of tables available.

SERVICE: The service was satisfactory both times; however, it’s nice to know how to properly pronounce the food you want to order to make it easier on your waiter or waitress.

FINAL VERDICT: 4.5/5. I don’t have anything to really complain about besides the slightly sticky feel of the whole restaurant which comes from years of being open and serving food. With the kitchen so close to the diners, it’s easy to feel the steam coming from the kitchen. Overall, the amazing food and homey atmosphere put this restaurant at the top of the list for Mexican cuisine.

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