Don’t Stress Over Midterms: Tips for Sensible Studying

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With midterms approaching more quickly than most hope, students are stuck deciding whether to put in little to no effort and receive a poor grade, or to use all of their energy for studying to receive a grade they have earned and feel satisfied with.

However, studying doesn’t have to be as hard as most students make it out to be. Although midterms are next week, it is still possible to receive a grade you are pleased with.

Before beginning to look through every note you have taken and worksheet you have completed throughout this semester, take a step back, and relax!

Back up, and look at the bigger picture. First, think if have you learned something this semester.  If you haven’t, there is obviously a big problem and you will need to spend more time studying than someone who has taken something out of the course. But, most likely the answer is yes.  If the answer is yes and you have learned something, then you are on the correct path to receiving a grade you deem as acceptable.

The first thing you should start doing is looking over the notes you have taken, or worksheets you have completed. But, make sure not to overwhelm yourself. It might be extra helpful to teach someone else what you have learned to make sure the information is really engraved in your brain. If your parents or siblings don’t want to sit down and listen, try teaching a pet or stuffed animal. Even though this may sound silly to you, reciting the information you learned the first week of school is necessary. Anything to get your wheels turning will be beneficial.

Next, do practice problems that either you find online or that your teacher has given you. Don’t be that kid in your class that doesn’t do the study guide. Teachers make them for a reason. Most likely the study guide will have multiple questions that the exam will have as well.

Make sure when looking over material that you don’t study one subject a day.  Study a couple topics from each class over a few days. Eventually, you will be ready to review all of it.

The most important thing is that your studying has your full attention. Make it your number one priority! Turn off notifications on your phone so you don’t get distracted. You most likely won’t need to be reached for the hour that you’re studying.

Lastly, summarize what you have learned. Take out the key concepts and put them into your own words. All of this might sound repetitive, but hopefully, it will help you achieve the grade that you are hoping for!

And, don’t stress yourself out too much! Don’t forget to use these tips to study for midterms but also for any quiz, test, or assignment you have. And last, but definitely not least, get a good night sleep and don’t pull an all nighter for studying. You got this, and good luck! 

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