Coping with Irrational Fears Is Possible with Therapy


A fear is something that can make a person feel frightened over a specific object or situation.  Fears are normal and everyone has them. However, the second that fear becomes an abnormal, or weird fear is when it hinders a person from carrying out normal routines. The fear is so persistent that it can mentally and physically holds someone back.

Fears come in all different types of shapes and sizes. It can be constant or hardly there. Many people find ways to overcome their fears, but it’s a long process. The first step to overcoming a fear is to learn how to cope with it.

Common fears include glossophobia, the fear of public speaking; acrophobia, the fear of heights; trypophobia, the fear of blood or needles, and claustrophobia, the fear of being enclosed in small spaces without an escape.  These fears are very common, so trying to find coping mechanisms for them are fairly accessible.

Uncommon fears include ancraophobia, the fear of wind; spectrophobia, the fear of mirrors or one’s own reflection; and ablutophobia, the fear of bathing or cleaning.  Although these fears are much more uncommon, they can still be treated.

The most effective way to treat fears, anxieties, or phobias is with therapy.  However, other options are available. For instance, fully becoming aware of what one’s mind or body fears is the first step to reaching the goal of not being frightened anymore.  

Also, being able to talk to someone is a key feature. Even if it’s not a therapist, being able to tell someone else how one is doing is beneficial. In order to feel at ease with the fear, opening up is very necessary.

A fear is not something to be embarrassed over, but instead something to embrace because that is what is a part of making makes one unique.  

A fear is just a normal emotion that humans have. Usually, what one fears doesn’t present a realdanger to them. But, those fears can cause so much emotional and physical distress that the person believes what they are feeling is reality.  

Normal and abnormal fears are not that very different from each other.  Besides the number of people that have the fear, they are very similar. All fears can put stress on people and sometimes debilitate them.  However, all fears are nothing more than feelings and emotions that can be ultimately cured.

Through psychological advancements, there will be more ways that people can cope with fears.  But, for now, therapy would be the best option. And for people suffering with abnormal fears, they could come up with ways to cope with their fears that future psychological advances will hopefully be able to advance.

Everyone has fears, but when those fears start to interfere with one’s everyday life is when the fears becomes a serious issue that needs to be addressed.  Addressing a fear can be difficult, but in the long run, it will make one’s life that much better.

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