Second semester sports and clubs offer many opportunities for Olympic Heights students to become involved


Second semester marks the completion of half of the school year!  As we hit the second month of the second semester, it is important to look ahead to all of the memories that will be made in classes, clubs, and sports. The start of the third quarter and second semester highlights a new beginning for spring sports and clubs!

Some of the sports in the spring season include  boys and girls track, boys and girls tennis, boys and girls lacrosse, baseball, softball, girls flag football, and boys volleyball. The players on these teams have been waiting impatiently for their spring sports to begin. 

Jessie Budin, a senior at Olympic Heights and a captain of the girls lacrosse team, exclaims that “Lacrosse season is her favorite time of the year.” Budin goes on to say that she “can’t wait for the season to begin.” Most players feel the exact same way that Budin feels, as they have waited almost a full year for the spring season to begin again. 

The countless sports teams at OH give students a place to fit in and be themselves. Junior, Robbie Sternberg, agrees, saying, “The volleyball team has made me learn more about myself.”  Playing on a team gives many students an outlet that they would not otherwise have. Sternberg also claims that “being on the team for the past three years has given me an opportunity to make friends with people who I have things in common with.” Many people choose to join a sports team due to the friends one makes while participating in a sport they love.    

In addition to the numerous sports teams that OH offers, there are also many clubs from which to choose.The wide variety of clubs gives students a chance to explore anything they want to.  As the semester begins many clubs have new things planned. 

Senior Brad Shack, vice president of We The People, helps students dive deeper into their knowledge about the world around them. Shack says that the club “informs students who are curious and eager to learn about politics.” Throughout the second semester he hopes to spread the word about his club around the school and to get more people involved and educated in politics.  

Another impactful club at OH is Teen Tutors. This club aims to get intelligent high school students to help tutor younger students struggling with their work in elementary school. Senior Cole Buffa is the president of Teen Tutors; Buffa first started the club last year “due to remembering my struggles in elementary school.” Being able to be part of a helping atmosphere “fills me with joy because I am able to help students who are in the same place I once was,” Buffa explains. The goal of the club this semester is to grow throughout the school community and bring elementary school students that “C” and “D” grades up to an “A” or a “B.” 

Throughout the second semester, it is the hope that many students get involved in sports and clubs that OH offers. The opportunities are endless as long as students put in effort and try their best.

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