Battlefront II reaches the finish line with final update


Star Wars Battlefront II was a revolutionary game for Star Wars fans, but with the most recent update EA Sports and DICE announced that this will be the final update for the game. This news brings hope for the possibility of a Battlefront III, but also sadly ends the three-year run of a game that just recently became popular. 

Battlefront II was released on November 17, 2017, and had a rough start. The game was pay-to-win, meaning players had to pay money to have fun. Very few played the game, and it wasn’t looking too good for the Battlefront franchise. However on March 23, 2018, EA and DICE announced that they would be taking away the pay-to-win factor and making it more grind-to-win, meaning players have to spend time performing repetitive tasks to unlock a particular item or to build the experience needed to progress smoothly through the game. 

Although it wasn’t exactly what players were looking for, it was a drastic change to the game for the better. More and more players began to download and play Battlefront II, which motivated EA and DICE to make monthly or every other month updates.

With the newest and final update, the developers have added a new map, Scariff, from the movie Rogue One. They also added new appearances for heroes and troopers such as the Shore troopers to match with the troopers in Rogue One, two new appearances for Rey, along with a new color lightsaber. 

One of the most popular aspects of the new update, however, is the appearance of Darth Maul, named Old Master. To obtain this appearance, players must reach 5,000 eliminations with Darth Maul. This was more of an addition to the game to make players have something to work towards and achieve during the downtime in between games. Also, the developers have made sure everything that was a limited time item or a normal item is now unlockable without purchase. 

The Battlefront community was upset with the decision by the developers to make this the final update, but not because it was left unfinished. There is so much more the developers could have added into the game, such as new heroes, maps, and game modes. Fortunately, this game provides a much different type of entertainment, so the Battlefront community will have much to do while in wait for the third installment of the Battlefront franchise. 

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