A junior’s perspective: Hey, seniors, we feel ya, but Class of 2021 also affected by pandemic


I never thought I would be sitting at home on my computer being home schooled in my last semester of my junior year. Due to the coronavirus, many things have changed.  

Many tutoring sessions for the college entrance exams have been cancelled or postponed, as students cannot meet with anyone due to social distancing. Even most of those entrance exams have been postponed, as well.

“Since the ACT and SAT got pushed back to the fall, it’s hard picking out colleges since our scores have to be submitted by June 1,” Olympic Heights rising senior Faith Krost comments.

Junior year is usually when we are supposed to be visiting colleges and universities, but travel restrictions and closed campuses have made that impossible. Juniors can only do virtual tours of the campuses, making it difficult to speak with counselors and financial advisors. It’s also very hard to get the feel of a campus feel through a computer.

Another soon to be OH senior, Jordan Denker commented on the situation by saying, “I feel this it is a plus we don’t have finals, but it is very difficult not knowing what is happening with the SATs and ACTs. I hope next year runs smoothly, and we will not have to postpone the start of school.”

 As the Class of 2021’s junior year comes to a close we realize how difficult the year has been. Our classes have been tougher, more is excepted of us along with studying for the SAT and ACT. Other issues include AICE exams being cancelled and having to virtually prepare for Advanced Placement exams.

An important issue that concerns students along with their parents is the subject of finances which determines what colleges students can afford. Some parents and students are not working due to the pandemic. This could keep many of the Class of 2021 from attending the first college of their choice and staying close to home to attend a college with a lower tuition.  For some who have worked so hard over the past three to gain acceptance to a major university, may have their hopes dashed. 

 For those who are depending on summer school due to not passing this semester, they too have no idea when those classes will start and if they will start at all. This may cause them not to graduate with their class. 

  Looking forward to the fall if and when school starts, how will things change with this pandemic? Going into our senior year no matter what happens we will face the challenges together.  

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