OH students share their COVID-19 stories, offer advice


Currently, Floridians as young as 16 years old can get the COVID-19 vaccine, and the age cutoff is expected to be dropped to 12 years old in the near future.

COVID-19 has dominated the majority of the news in America for over a year now as our lives have collectively been altered in some way by it. And, of course, Olympic Heights has had its share of students contract the coronavirus and come down with COVID-19.

 Two OH seniors have shared their COVID-19 stories with The Torch in order to help other students better understand the effects of the virus. Seniors Leah Goldwaser and Gabriel Souza have both said that the worst symptom for them personally was the loss of taste and smell. It lasted two weeks for Souza, and an extra half-week for Goldwaser. “To this day I feel as if my smell and taste have declined in function,” Goldwaser shared.

As someone who has had COVID-19, this reporter has had the same thought about my own senses of smell and taste. 

 Besides weakened senses, students have also suffered long term effects. “After coming back from the sickness, soccer felt harder to play because my shortness of breath still lingers in my body,” Goldwaser explained. COVID-19 is known to take its toll on the respiratory system during and after contraction.

 These students have shared some tips on the recovery process, as well. Souza explained that “resting a lot, drinking lots of fluids, and eating healthy food on a tight schedule” is what helped him through the recovery. It is important to remember that fluids are very important during any kind of sickness. one may possess. 

I personally took this time to attempt to eat healthier, a rare feat for myself, since I had no taste for two weeks. Goldwaser was presented with further issues, explaining it “affected my appetite as I saw no point in eating if I couldn’t taste.” This has been a common issue for many individuals suffering with the virus. Coupled with the usually accompanying nausea, this can lead to weight loss for some.

Goldwaser shared that “it was a tough experience but at least I can say ‘I had it!” She now recognizes how her body would react to it and can be more at ease for the future.

 While the pandemic plagues many of our minds, people should not let it overtake their thoughts as long as they are remaining safe and sanitary, and getting tested if they suspect they may have caught the virus. 

The surest way to remain COVID-19 free is to get vaccinated as many OH students have already done now that the vaccine has been made available to those in Florida that are 16 years old or older, and the cut-off age is expected to be dropped to as low as 12 years old very soon.