Extracurricular activities such as athletics, clubs, and service organizations key to the development of the “whole” student

Research shows that students that become involved in extracurricular activities at school achieve a higher level of academic success.

Research shows that students that become involved in extracurricular activities at school achieve a higher level of academic success.

For a moment, imagine being on a college admissions committee, browsing through hundreds of applications. There are plenty of applicants who have diligently worked to earn an impressive grade point average. 

Granting that it is admirable to excel academically, when it gets to the high stakes of acceptance to that dream school, there are usually only razor thin differences between the thousands of applicants’ GPAs and SAT/ACT scores. That’s when college admission officers start taking a look at the “whole” student. Hence, the importance of becoming involved in extracurricular activities while in high school. 

In the clique of scholarly applicants, what will separate an individual from the rest? The answer is simple. What are students doing with their time outside of school?

“Research shows that students who get involved in high school are much more successful throughout their high school years,” Olympic Heights principal Ms. Kelly Burke noted.  “We have a variety of clubs and activities to join at OH,” Burke added, directly addressing students. “I encourage you to find something you are interested in and join it.”

One very common interest amongst students is sports. Joining an athletic program opens up opportunities for students to socialize and make new friends. It also allows them to exercise, and have fun while doing it. Team sports also gives students a sense of camaraderie and teaches them how to work together for a common goal, even if they do not realize they are learning these skills.

“Football is a great way to up your condition and strength levels,” OH football team member Estaban Roggin explains. “It helps add more balance into your life.” 

Almost anyone can find a sport that fits their personality. In addition to the fact that sports are enjoyable and exciting, they teach skills and help add structure to one’s life. Playing and competing in one or even multiple sports, will certainly make one stand out above those who do not do the same.

OH athletic director Mr. Chris Holly explained how sports has its many benefits to a teenager, both physically and mentally. Holly reinforced the notion that athletics can help add structure and balance to a student’s life.

It is also acknowledged that sweating and physical exertion is not for everyone. For those who prefer less physical activities, there are over 50 clubs and organizations at OH that students can become members of.

The OH Student Government Association (SGA) allows the opportunity to work with fellow students in order to create a better overall community. OH SGA faculty adviser Ms. Samantha Moore states that joining a club “is a way for students to get involved, meet new people and try new things!”

One project that SGA helps organize within our school is Club Rush to be held on Sept. 24 during both lunches. Students will have the opportunity to get a brief overview of many of the clubs and organizations at our school.

The OH clubs and organizations range from the Cosplay Club to the Future Medical Professionals of PBC and everything in between. There is certainly a club that meets the interest of every student at OH. 

Concisely, a student who wants to ensure the best future for themselves should get involved at their school. Extracurriculars are a lot more important than many students take them to be. Being involved in high school will help students become the best version of themselves and ensure their future will be successful.