NEWS ANALYSIS: 2020 census indicating a shrinking U.S. white majority stokes fear among xenophobiacs


There has never been data like this since the first census on August 2, 1790. The most recent 2020 census shows that the white population of the United States has dropped below 60 percent for the first time ever. More precisely “it dropped from 63.7% to 57.8%,” according to The Washington Post

Many seem to be under the impression that this means that immigrants are taking over and the naturalization process is too easily obtainable. This is a very sensitive and controversial topic for people, however. 

Olympic Heights junior Ashley Pereria wholeheartedly believes that those who think the U.S. government has made the naturalization process too easy are misinformed. “It’s some sort of discrimination against immigrants,” Pereria claims, adding that making the naturalization process more difficult would be a bigoted move. 

OH junior Jesse Bloom shares a similar opinion about immigration. “I definitely think there should be a regulation on immigration, but not for the reason of keeping the United States one race or ethnicity,” Bloom explains.  

Bloom hints that people are conflating patriotism with racial identity. Patriotism is the pride one feels for their country; however, some Americans believe that being patriotic means keeping the country a predominantly white nation.

Hate groups such as the Proud Boys, the Ku Klux Klan, and Neo-Nazis all pollute America with hate and racism. Their goal is to keep America “pure” and cleansed of all people who are considered different.  These groups were furious when they heard the results of the 2020 Census, taking to social media to spread their hateful propaganda and even suggesting an armed uprising.

Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson and his ideals are often criticized by many for being flat out discriminatory as he tends to agree with the aforementioned hate groups. During his segment on the 2020 census, he consistently brought up how it was difficult to be a white person, basically arguing that a white person cannot take pride in their whiteness or criticize the actions of those of other races without being perceived as racist. 

Carlson’s segment on the 2020 census was to stoke the fires of xenophobia to which so many of Carlson’s viewers subscribe. What better way to do that than to tell those people that they are on the verge of losing control of their country to people of color because of immigration.

On the question as to if the U.S. should take steps to make the naturalization process more difficult, OH social studies teacher Ms. Lucianne Muriel states, “Absolutely not! We should be helping immigrants come into the country. They are valuable members of our society and help our economy greatly. Muriel goes on to add that making the naturalization process more difficult would be “racist and hypocritical.”

“I feel like the negative stigma around immigration is unjust and immoral.” Bloom comments. Bloom feels that it is not right to discriminate against one group of people just because another group is declining in population. 

Pereria reinforces this thought by stating, “I don’t feel good when immigrants are attacked in the news, because it’s morally wrong.” Obviously the Carlson lecture would have made both of these students cringe. 

Carlson seems to believe that because of the decline in America’s white population that white people are going to lose jobs. However, the siimple fact is that the U.S.needs immigrants to do the jobs that Americans will not do. It is rooted deep in America’s system. 

“The people themselves should not be targeted for their ability to work for a lower wage, but instead… we should promote equal competition in our country to increase fairness,” Bloom discussed. Bloom feels like there should be equal workplace environments, wages, and opportunities for everyone.