Teenagers get more benefits from jobs than just a paycheck


Many retailers and restaurants are looking for teenagers to fill part time positions.

Olympic Heights may offer the enticing activities of sports and clubs, but some students prefer to spend their free time earning money and work experience. These endeavors go toward their college applications or work-bound futures after graduation. It is not uncommon for high school students to apply for part-time jobs, especially since the minimum age requirement in Florida is just 14 years-old.

While AP and AICE classes, community service ventures, clubs, and sports do help students stand out to colleges and universities, part-time jobs have the power to do the same. Many students opt to work in retail or food service. Job openings are often announced during the morning announcements, but those aren’t the only jobs available.

Many small businesses are looking for young, bright-minded teenagers to work for them, such as The Approach, a wellness business run by Adam Potash. Potash is currently looking for someone around the age of 18 with their own vehicle to work for him. In reference to the job description, Potash explained, “We are going to be helping random people on the street with their health, so just videoing the interaction with them.” The job offers experience towards working in social media, a field that the younger generation is beginning to gravitate towards. 

Students looking to save money for future expenses and obtain more traditional work experience may prefer a simple retail job instead. As of Sept. 30, 2021, Florida’s minimum wage was raised to 10 dollars per hour, according to floridajobs.org, a website that gives details on the steady increase of the state’s minimum wage. “As of August 18, 2022, the average monthly pay for a teen in the United States is $3,210 a month,” says job-finder app, ZipRecruiter.

The site also gives details on the amount fast food restaurants pay teens in the United States, an average of 16 dollars an hour. According to Zippia, “The average hourly rate for a food service worker is $11.43 per hour. This compares to the national average food service worker salary of $28,753.”

With a quick search on Indeed, students can find jobs as a tutor, front desk associate, dog walker, cashier, pool attendant, and even a police records clerk, all part-time jobs. While most jobs available to students include working in retail, restaurants, or at a front desk, there are other, more interesting options, such as being a junior designer at Pasquale Interiors.

Olympic Heights junior Molly Nguien explains that she works after school and benefits from the experience; however, she does mention the drawbacks by stating, “I’m tired and I don’t have time for homework.”

Getting a job, especially one in a field that interests the student, can ultimately benefit and make them more noticeable to colleges. “Having high school jobs can be impressive to some college admissions counselors. It might be challenging to balance schoolwork and studies at first, but being able to successfully hold a job in high school shows initiative, leadership, and responsibility,” Jasmine Barnes wrote for CollegeRaptor.

Barnes also writes, “Working in retail can teach transferable skills while putting money in your pocket at the same time.Working in food service oftentimes requires you to multitask. That’s a very valuable skill to have in college. Even working so much as once a week can teach students valuable life skills and put a spotlight on them as they apply to college.”