Best portable speakers for teenagers on the go


The JBL Flip 5 is a top quality, affordable speaker that will meet the needs of most teenagers.

It’s what makes a party a party. It’s what allows the listener to feel the bass and simply enhances the experience of music. A speaker is an extremely useful item to have. Although they can be quite expensive, a speaker is definitely a good investment to make. When buying one, it is important to look at many details including price, size, and battery life. 

One speaker brand which is quite popular is JBL (James Bullough Lansing). They sell a variety of speakers catering to different needs. One very common variety is the JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Bluetooth speaker. This speaker is part of the flip series by JBL. It ranges in price from $90 to $120. This speaker is small enough to hold, yet packs a pretty powerful sound. It has a battery life of 12 hours and is also very user-friendly. 

Olympic Heights freshman Estaban Roggin states, “I have a JBL Flip 5. It’s a very convenient speaker to have because I can take it basically anywhere I go.” With varying prices, sizes, and volume capabilities, there are several other JBL series. These include the JBL Xtreme series, the JBL Charge series, and the JBL Boombox series. Overall, JBL speakers are known to be very durable and practical.

Another speaker brand that is quite popular is known as UE (Ultimate Ears), most notably the UE WonderboomTM 2. It is known for a loud and vibrant sound which is unexpected based on its size. It is also known for its high bass levels. It is water and dust-proof while having 13 hours of battery life. When standing upright, the UE WonderboomTM 2 is quite shorter than the JBL Flip 5, but it is quite wider. 

OH student Ian Pinto comments, “I have had a Wonderboom speaker for over a year, and it still works great. A lot of people prefer JBL for some reason, but I think UE speakers are a lot better.” Similar to JBL, UE has a variety of different speaker series. These include the Megablast, Megaboom, and Hyperboom. The Hyperboom is one of UE’s more expensive, extremely powerful speakers. It is 14 feet tall with 150 feet of Bluetooth connectivity range. It also has 24 hours of battery life. 

JBL and UE lead the market in durable and affordable speakers. There are certain more high-end speaker brands that might produce a higher quality sound. Speakers from these kinds of brands, in turn, will be more expensive. Some of these brands include B & W (Bowers and Wilkins), Bose, and Yamaha.

It is very common for teenagers and young adults to buy speakers. They can be brought to the beach, on a run, or at a party. As an active teenager or young adult, it would be a smarter choice to get a speaker like the JBL Flip 5 or UE WonderboomTM 2, which are portable, have Bluetooth capability, have a high battery life, and are waterproof.